Why Should Associations Consider Hosting a CIPS Course?

Globalization is impacting real estate markets worldwide, and REALTORS® equipped with the expertise and network to conduct international transactions have a competitive advantage when working with this lucrative clientele. By licensing and delivering the CIPS curriculum, course sponsors both in the U.S. and around the globe provide their constituents with valuable information needed to remain viable in this global economy, and also gain a source of revenue.

Ready to broaden your association's focus?

Licensing a CIPS Course in the U.S.

The National Association of REALTORS® licenses its Certified International Property Specialist (CIPS) courses to any individual or entity, e.g., REALTOR® association, firm, franchise, proprietary school, mortgage company, real estate trainer, etc., who currently holds a Center for REALTOR® Development (CRD) course provider license. For more information on getting a license, visit CRD.

Sponsoring a CIPS Course Outside the U.S.

The rules are a little different for sponsors of CIPS courses outside the U.S. Please contact CIPS at cips@nar.realtor if you are a non U.S. entity interested in sponsoring CIPS courses.

Course Delivery

Sponsors can offer individual courses beginning with Global Real Estate: Local Markets Course, ideal for members wanting a high-level, broad exposure to international real estate and a prerequisite for the remaining courses.

To earn the CIPS designation, students in the U.S. will need to complete two core courses (Global Real Estate: Local Markets and Global Real Estate: Transaction Tools) and three elective courses (Europe & International Real Estate, Asia/Pacific & International Real Estate, The Americas & International Real Estate, Africa & International Real Estate).

For sponsors whose members are interested in completing their education over the course of a single week, the CIPS Institute is available, making available all five required courses in a single week.

Meeting Facility

The sponsor provides a meeting facility that is conducive to learning and meets guidelines for safety and accessibility. One instructor table is required in rear of room, with registration table outside of room. The room can be decorated with maps, flags, and other international items.

All course material is delivered via PowerPoint presentations and requires a projector, so consider room layout to afford better visibility for the overheads. Tabletop tent cards for the students are highly recommended to help instructors facilitate classroom participation. The sponsor provides an LCD projector, screen, lavaliere microphone (depending on room size/instructor) and speaker lectern in front of room.


The licensing organization is responsible for its own marketing costs. NAR provides a promotional kit, which will include sample flyers, which can be customized for your events. Mailing labels targeting specific groups or regions from the CIPS Network database also are available. NAR will promote courses on cips.realtor.

The CIPS courses may be offered individually or on a non-consecutive basis or through a week-long CIPS Institute. The royalty fee for offering these courses on an individual basis is higher due to the administrative costs.

Although NAR licensing and royalty fees are fixed, most of the remaining expenses present opportunities for cost savings based on existing facility resources, partnership and/or advertising sponsorship agreements, and the licensee's ability to negotiate cost savings with instructors and materials vendors. Following are specific licensing options and costs.

Five-Course CIPS Institute

Royalty to NAR is $150.00 per student.

Non-consecutive and/or Individual CIPS Institute Courses

  • One-Day Prerequisite - Global Real Estate: Local Markets Course: Royalty fee to NAR is $50.00 per student.
  • One-Day Required - Global Real Estate: Transaction Tools Course: Royalty fee to NAR is $50.00 per student.
  • One-Day Elective Courses (Europe, Asia, or Americas): Royalty fee to NAR is $50 per student for each course.

To earn the CIPS designation, students must complete Global Real Estate: Local Markets, Global Real Estate: Transaction Tools and 3 elective courses.

For more details on hosting or licensing a CIPS course, contact CIPS via e-mail at cips@nar.realtor or at 312-329-8376.