Data Security & Privacy Toolkit cover 2022

The Data Security and Privacy Toolkit is updated to reflect changes in the law, governmental guidance, and industry standards and practices. The Toolkit aims to educate real estate brokers, agents, associations and multiple listing services about the need for data security and privacy, and to assist them with complying with legal responsibilities. 

The Toolkit provides:

  • Information about state laws and pending federal regulations regarding data security & privacy protection including state data security laws on entities in the private sector
  • Checklists, recommendations and tips that align with FTC guidance and current industry standards and practices
  • Tips and tools regarding managing and safeguarding personal information and sensitive data, crafting and updating data retention policies, data security programs and privacy policies
  • Sample policies

Use this Toolkit to know how to best manage data security and privacy and comply with legal requirements. 


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Data Privacy & Security

REALTORS® strongly support efforts to protect consumers' sensitive personal information.