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Consumer Advertising Campaign

The National Association of REALTORS® convinces consumers of the value of REALTORS® and the REALTOR® brand through its national Consumer Advertising Campaign.

On these pages, you can:

  • Learn about the strategy behind the current campaign and the results of past efforts
  • View and access campaign materials*
  • Learn how you can contribute to the campaign's success in your own market

*Please note that, unless otherwise indicated, the photography and other images appearing in these pages are not available for association and member use, as NAR does not necessarily hold sublicensable rights to them. The Ad Center is available to state and local REALTOR® associations who wish to customize advertising materials from our Consumer Advertising Campaign and for individual members who wish to download the materials. Read more about's reprint guidelines.

Get Realtor®

NAR’s current campaign, Get Realtor®, communicates REALTOR® brand value to consumers, targeting up-and-coming generations of home buyers, sellers, owners and investors. We want today’s consumers to understand that REALTORS® are their competitive advantage in all things real estate.

Get Realtor® aims to "reimagine the R®" for current generations of home buyers, sellers and real estate investors. The campaign aims to build Realtor® brand awareness and drive consideration of REALTORS®, especially among millennials and today’s hyper-connected consumer.

We want consumers to know that REALTORS®:

  • Are their competitive advantage
  • Understand and have insights into local markets
  • See what can’t be uncovered in a simple online search
  • Are consumer advocates; they will fight for consumers’ real estate dreams


NAR’s newest campaign creative features character Phil Dunphy from ABC’s hit show Modern Family, played by Emmy Award winning actor Ty Burrell. Phil Dunphy is the epitome of a helpful, knowledgeable real estate professional, who in a series of social posts and :15 and :30 TV and digital video spots humorously engages consumers about all the ways REALTORS® provide value in the home buying and selling process.

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