Governance in Action: Property Management Forum - 2017 Legislative Meetings

Commercial Property Management ForumThe PROPERTY MANAGEMENT FORUM featured three expert panelists: Tyler Craddock, Government Affairs Director of the National Association of Residential Property Managers, Megan Booth, Senior Policy Representative at the National Association of REALTORS®, and Beth Wanless, Senior Manager of Government Affairs with the Institute of Real Estate Management®.  The trio engaged in discussion of the tentative fate of the 1031 exchange and Dodd-Frank regulations. All agreed uncertainty rules the day when it comes to the 1031 exchange and Dodd-Frank regulations. NAR supports the preservation of the 1031 exchange and seeks to ensure that changes to Dodd-Frank are beneficial to commercial members–particularly to those in small cap markets where lending from credit unions and community banks has been limited by regulation. Members are encouraged to advocate for increased lending and communicate that the 1031 exchange is not a tax loophole but a method of encouraging further investment.

Member feedback and questions following the panel discussion and dialogue emerged on hot-button issues that are top-of-mind for property managers: negotiating service animal requests, combating rent control, navigating marijuana policies in residential and commercial properties, and a need for guidelines form HUD on criminal background checks. For more information see page 34 of this issue.

“Seeing the inner workings of the legislative process is eye-opening, and one realizes what a difference we as REALTORS® can make by just showing up. Our legislators deal with so many diverse issues that hearing from their base, us, can help them realize how important our issues are, like tax-deferred exchanges. 

On a separate note, the NAR governance side is up-close and personal. It is easy to see, meet, and talk to NAR leadership and staff one-on-one to learn any and everything about our association. REALTORS® at the conference are top in their field and committed to giving their time to the association and to each other, because they realize it is what makes us all better: sharing of information.” –PAUL DIZMANG, CRS, GRI