Part 1, Section 10: The Professional Standards Administrator’s Function

The Professional Standards Administrator is the administrative channel through whom the Grievance Committee, the Professional Standards Committee, and the Board of Directors correspond and carry out their respective functions. The Professional Standards Administrator does not make decisions or determinations concerning professional standards matters and must be careful to avoid making such determinations. Rather, the Professional Standards Administrator advises as to the procedures that are appropriate and required, and coordinates all professional standards and arbitration matters from receipt to final determination by order of the Board of Directors. This coordination involves contacts and correspondence with the complainant, the respondent, the Grievance Committee, the President, the Chairperson of the Professional Standards Committee or the Chairperson of the appointed Hearing Panel, witnesses, and the Board of Directors. Hearing arrangements and records are the Professional Standards Administrator’s responsibility on all related matters. The Professional Standards Administrator has an exacting and detailed responsibility for each professional standards matter.
(Adopted 5/23)

Communications shall be directed to the Professional Standards Administrator. The Professional Standards Administrator shall render all necessary assistance to the parties, shall furnish required forms, shall receive and file all documents or other papers, and shall receive all fees and disburse all monies payable to the Board.