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This episode covers some of the great ways you can engage agents and consumers with the support of the brokerage. Every brokerage has its unique way of doing things, so it's important to really understand the culture of the organization you're in and the benefits you have access to. Chris Whitten breaks down his consumer-centric brokerage model that empowers his agents to be well-connected in the community. What do you need to know about joining a brokerage? Chris answers all of this and more.

6:30] How do you have both a customer and agent-centric approach? Chris knows you can have both.

[7:45] In business, you have to have hedgehogs! Chris explains his analogy.

[9:05] Chris has a giving back program for his office to help and support the community they serve.

[13:50] How can you take the spotlight off of yourself on social media and shine it more on the people you serve? Chris offers an example.

[17:20] Chris talks about another ‘hedgehog' incentive he does within his business. He's taking advantage of the lack of inventory!

[19:05] You have to understand fully what your brokerage is providing.

[25:10] Because Chris spends his time in the community and building the relationships, agents do not need to shift through a lot of leads to get to one yes.

[30:05] Being part of the community is really rewarding work. Yes, it's great you sold a house, but it's even better to know you are helping the charities around you.

[32:25] How do you build better relationships?

[39:00] Sounds simple, but you have to treat everybody like people.

[39:40] People are buying you at the end of the day. They're hiring you, so what makes you interesting?

[41:40] Chris's model that he's built is about being a REALTOR® for life for the family.

[45:20] How does Chris encourage his agents and helps them with their goals?

[47:55] Find your why, even if it's not real estate related!


"Every listing in our office for ten years now has had a professional photoshoot and a video guided tour." — Chris

"I love real estate because it's a vehicle to pay your bills, but also do what you're passionate about and do good. I am doing a lot of my non-profit work through my real estate business and both are thriving." — Chris

"The line between agent and customer is --- we're all people!" — Chris

About Chris Whitten

Chris Whitten is the 2021 Rhode Island REALTOR® of the Year. He has been active in Rhode Island leadership for many years — he has been on the local and state boards of directors and was the MLS president for 2019 and 2020. He has awards in real estate and from his community. You will hear more about his work in the community and his background as a radio personality. He is the owner and broker for Premeer Real Estate in Smithfield, RI, and two offices in Massachusetts.