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As many of us started to incorporate technology into our real estate business to make things easier and more automated, something else started to drop by the wayside: relationships. Throw the pandemic into the mix, where it was highly discouraged to be face-to-face with our customers, and we are now faced with a big need in the market for personable and friendly real estate agents that can connect with clients on a deep level. Ali Whitley is here to help shed some light on how you can improve your relationships without doing a complete rehaul of how your business operates. It's not as complicated as you might think!

[3:45] Why is it so important to have a consultation with your client before you walk them through different houses?

[6:50] If you don't take the time to get to know your clients, their why's and motivations, then what are you really doing?

[7:20] It's easy to just get into the habit of sending a text, but that doesn't lead to connection.

[15:25] A good real estate agent is the source for a lot of their clients. To become a source, you must be seen as trustworthy.

[15:55] When does it make sense to talk about money? Monica offers a handy script.

[19:50] If you're going to be meeting with buyers or sellers, you really want to set up several meetings.

[21:10] How does Ali set the expectation with her clients when she does a contract consultation?

[29:35] Understanding the buyer/seller's expectations and making sure that they're reflective of what the market is willing to pay.

[37:00] A lot of clients today are educated. They are doing their own research, but sometimes that research is missing a few pieces. This is a great opportunity for a REALTOR® to step in.

[40:00] Communicating your value as a real estate agent

[42:35] Don't be afraid to shine and show your value through storytelling! Ali shares how.

[47:45] At the end of the day, it's about empowering your client to make the best decision for them. Real estate agents add immense value by walking clients through a very stressful and emotionally overwhelming process.


"If a computer can do it, then the computer will do it before long. We need to focus on what the human element is." — Monica

"We need to know if we're able to help them. If their expectations are not accurate for what the market is willing to bear, then we need to address that up front." — Ali

"If the agent doesn't know their value, how can they present that to anybody else?" — Ali

About Ali Whitley

Ali Whitley is a Residential Real Estate Agent and Director of Education at RE/MAX Crossroads in Akron, Ohio. In addition to serving buyer and seller clients, Ali is passionate about professional development and education. She enjoys sharing her love of knowledge with fellow agents as an educator and mentor and as an instructor of REBAC and REBI designations and certifications. A REALTOR® for 24 years, Ali has been active in local, state, and national associations, having served as an NAR director and member of the Commitment to Excellence committee, a longtime director and current treasurer-elect at Ohio REALTORS® and president of her local association in 2012. She was honored as Akron Area Board of REALTORS®'s REALTOR® of the Year and as a past "Woman of Note" by Crain's Cleveland Business.