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Today, Antoine Dupont and I get practical with YouTube marketing and a few video tips, as well. Antoine teaches what he does. Learn how to create videos that create value and produce leads with people who already trust you because of your video presence. It's a great conversation. Antoine Dupont is a keynote speaker and marketing consultant and strategist specializing in digital marketing. He's an in-demand consultant for discovering the strategies that work. Let's hear those strategies that will work and consider why we aren't doing them already.

[6:28] Antoine talks about the three things you should be doing to promote yourself and to stand out in this content-saturated world.

[6:52] Antoine has traveled three times around the earth this year alone. He spends a lot of time on planes. He pays attention to what people are doing on their phones.

[8:05] Inside the airport, people are watching videos because they have Wi-Fi. On the plane, they often play video games, without Wi-Fi. If we are on our phones consuming content, so are our clients. Videos work and they will generate leads. The purpose of video for agents is pure lead generation.

[9:11] Creating video is the best way for an agent to get organic attention on themselves. If an agent cannot afford to pay for high SEO, being on YouTube is totally within the agent's control and it can trump all the rest of the ways that you get organic attention.

[11:28] Antoine's strategy is thinking about what it is that people want, like, and need.

[12:14] Antoine does a lot of research to answer those three questions.

[13:41] Antoine says to make notes of what you see in the first ten results.

[15:56] Another great tool for real estate agents is answerthepublic.com.

[18:40] Agents sometimes make a mistake with video, trying to leverage YouTube as a lead generator. Your first objective should be to provide value.

[19:37] People are looking for tips, hacks, and secrets on how to find the best home for themselves, and how to know if this home is better than that home. Answer those questions.

[20:08] Antoine generates so many leads through his channel that come to him, without him selling anything

[21:02] Antoine shares what his approach would be if he suddenly decided to become a real estate agent in Nashville, Tennessee without knowing anything about Nashville.

[21:50] Antoine would start creating content, starting with, "One of the issues that people have with buying homes here is X, Y, and Z.

[22:19] Over time, with Antoine doing video, after video, after video, people are going to say this guy knows his stuff, this guy's an expert.

[22:54] Monica elaborates on Antoine's comments about building a business in a new area.

[24:11] The reasons many agents don't follow these steps are that they are too busy, they don't know how, or they don't like the way they look or sound.

[27:38] Even well-loved speakers can be uneasy about how they look and sound. Keep pushing forward anyway and create video content.

[29:26] Monica shares how she created a six-video series this week for her daughter on the steps to buying a home and converting it to an Airbnb or a rental property.

[30:30] Going onto all the platforms is not ideal for most agents. You can be mediocre on every platform or you can be an expert on one platform. Each platform requires separate expertise. Choose the platform that you're most comfortable with.

[31:52] Each platform requires its own expertise. Antoine explains why he doesn't do Instagram. He recommends that real estate agents pick YouTube, and become experts at it.

[34:00] Monica and Antoine discuss video creation.

[39:15] The thumbnail is the picture people will see when they scroll by your video on their phone or desktop. It is the image people click to watch your video.

[41:38] For YouTube, make a thumbnail that will make the people in your audience want to click on your video. Go to a freelancer to make amazing thumbnails for your videos.

[42:48] Draw a shot plan. You can use a screen from a scene in your video for the thumbnail but you want to make it an appealing graphic so people will want to watch it.

[46:53] The thumbnails should be consistent with the tone of the videos. They need to match your personality in the videos. Don't be something you're not.

[47:52] Customize how you produce your video for that market. How your audience resonates with you is very important.

[52:11] Monica suggests resources for more information and education.


"I want to remind you that we have all of these back episodes and they're always there if you need that specific piece of information." — Monica

"The three things you should be doing to promote yourself and to stand out in this content-saturated world are, 1.) Video, 2.) Video, and 3.) Video." — Antoine

"Whether it's on Instagram, on TikTok, on Facebook, or on YouTube, the only difference is the way they're holding their phone. So if they're watching Instagram or TikTok, it's upright. If it's sideways, then it's YouTube." — Antoine

"One of the things that are helpful for agents to understand is creating video is, if not the only, certainly the best way for them to get organic attention on themselves." — Monica

"Think about it for a second, what Google wants me to do; is it that Google wants me to come only one time and never come back, or does it want me to come over and over? So it's going to try to give me the best possible answer they can find for me." — Antoine

"It doesn't matter what Colleen — my wife — and I think about it. None of our opinions matter. What matters is what YouTube and Google and AnswerThePublic are telling us." — Antoine

"The fastest growing demographic on YouTube is 45 to 65, which are people with a checkbook." — Antoine

"People are trying to leverage YouTube as a lead gen and it is a strategic mistake. Your first objective should be to provide value. First and foremost, provide value. Forget about lead gen. Lead gen is going to be a result of you providing value." — Antoine

"We're generating so many leads for us through our channel and we hardly ever ask for anything. It comes to us. And the reason why it comes to us is that we provided so much value in the forefront that people come to us as, … 'Can you help us find a guide in Paris?'" — Antoine

"Look — just get out there. Write a script. Get some ideas of content to create and start shooting. And that's really it. The thing that's in your way is that you're not starting." — Antoine

"In order for me to execute Instagram properly, I need to have a strategy and I need to have the resources to execute that strategy properly. And currently, I don't. … Pick a platform and become great at it. … I would recommend for a real estate agent, pick YouTube and do YouTube." — Antoine

"I know it's daunting, I know it's overwhelming, but this is what your audience out there wants to consume. It's video. So better get started now!." — Antoine

"Let's do it! That's what they want. Let's provide it. Let's bring the future to right now!" — Monica

About Antoine Dupont

Antoine Dupont is a keynote speaker, marketing consultant and a strategist specializing in digital marketing. He's an award-winning marketing agency owner and a speaker at national and international conferences. He combines 18 years in marketing with 15 years in the hospitality industry. His first job out of college was working for Gordon Ramsey in London at Le Gavroche.

Antoine travels the world, sharing his strategy and methodology with marketers and business owners. Real estate is only one of the industries he contributes to. His goal is to improve lead generation and business growth via his proven marketing strategies.