Quick Takeaways

  • Cell phone towers use low levels of radio frequency waves
  • At ground level, the level of radio frequency waves is much lower than limits for safe exposure
  • 5G health impacts need further study

Source: Cell Phone Towers (American Cancer Society, Jun. 1, 2020)

Discover the academic research on the effect of cell phone towers on property values. Impacts range from 2.65% to 7.6%, from Alabama to Savannah to Brisbane.

The American Cancer Society discusses the health effects of cell phone towers and calls for more research. Wildlife may be more sensitive to electromagnetic fields than humans. Current research shows that 5G does not have a negative health impact on humans and animals. Only some states require disclosure of cell phone towers or other nuisances.

Cell phone towers can be disguised as many things—pine trees, church crosses, cactuses, palm trees and street lights. Do they really fool anyone?

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