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2019 Health Insurance Survey Highlights

2019 Health Insurance Survey

In July 2019, the NAR Health Insurance Survey was sent via email to a random sample of 57,990. It received 2,296 completed responses (with a total of 3,693 responses) and has a response rate of 3.95 percent. Here are the highlights of the survey, looking at health care coverage of NAR Members for 2019.


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Wisconsin Office of Rural Health

Eighty-four percent of members have health insurance for 2019, while 16% do not. Eighty-one percent of those who do NOT have health insurance for 2019 found the premiums/deductibles too expensive.

Top 5 Sources of Primary Health Insurance

  1. Spouse's employer plan: 32%
  2. Medicare: 17%
  3. Full-time job (not real estate related): 9%
  4. State or Federal Health Insurance: 9%
  5. Insurance broker: 9%
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The median cost of monthly premiums is $400. Fifteen percent pay between $500-$749, and 14% pay between $1000-$1,999 - the two largest monthly premium groups.

Bar chart: How Do You Feel About Your Monthly Premium?

Thirty-one percent feel their monthly premiums are affordable enough. Fourteen percent feel their monthly premiums are far too expensive.

Bar chart: Is Your Deductible...

Thirty-one percent feel their deductible is affordable enough. Fourteen percent feel their deductible is far too expensive.

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Top 5 Priorities Related to Health Care Coverage  

  1. Affordable premiums
  2. Reasonable deductibles and co-pays
  3. Access to my preferred doctors
  4. No lifetime caps on health expenses
  5. Premiums that don't discriminate based on age