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Real Estate Is the Star of This Celebrity-Studded Series

Watching agents with their famous clients could become your guilty pleasure.

In real life, real estate pros often find that social situations spark networking opportunities or even potential sales leads. The 10 young and hard-driving Los Angeles real estate agents featured in the reality TV series Love & Listings have turned the intermingling of business with pleasure into captivating entertainment. The show, which recently launched its second season, lets viewers see what budding love looks like among millennial agents in this high-end house hunting show with no shortage of luxurious, and sometimes scandalous, twists. As a bonus, you’ll get a glimpse inside spectacular homes that these agents tour with their celebrity clients.

The cast of agents comes from diverse professional backgrounds. Many started out in the music, film, or food business before finding their footing in real estate. For Zac Diles, his footing was on the football field. The retired Houston Texans linebacker has the needs of pro athlete clients in mind when he shows properties to his past teammates and other athletes: a big pool for physical rehab, screening room to watch their games, and a big backyard to train in, a huge timesaver over traveling to other practice facilities.

“I want to make sure when I’m showing NFL clients properties, it’s what they want. Because next thing you know, if it’s not, they’re in the locker room telling their boys, ‘Zac doesn’t know what he’s doing,’ or something like that. And if they start talking that kind of noise, I could lose all their business,” says Diles in the first episode.

Zac Diles & Tai Savet
Cast member Zac Diles with Love & Listings producer Tai Savet.

You’ll join celebrity guest clients like the singer Brandy and actor Laz Alonso as they tour homes with marble swimming pools that overlook the Hollywood Hills and built-in spa rooms view, and get a closeup look into what it’s like to work with the stars.

The producer of the show, Tai Savet, is also the founder of Agents of LA, a luxury-focused brokerage that serves the real estate needs of some of the biggest names in the sports and entertainment industries. While working out of the office of his friend, rapper Ray J, Savet built his A-list network with the people coming in and out of the building. Eventually he got them to be on-camera clients for the show when they were looking to buy a new home. “You’re really smart when you can take what you do in business, and then brand it into a television show,” says Ray J.

Savet, who launched his career as an actor, says the show works because of the potent combination of drama and real estate. As a cast member and producer, Savet’s dedication to the real estate business is evident, as we see him and his team check up on listings late into the night and even during social gatherings.

Another compelling story line belongs to agent Ajani Scott, who quit waitressing in LA after a year to focus on being a full-time real estate professional. Her hustle and creativity is evident as she works hard in every episode to prove to herself and others that she can hold her own in this super-competitive, high-end niche.

Working with her client, Amber Rose, a model, Scott suggested and got permission for Rose to spend the night in the luxurious listing. The client got a taste—literally—of what life could be like in the home as the professional chef the team hired prepared a delicious meal in the gorgeous kitchen.

“It really takes a certain amount of resilience, and work ethic, and not giving up, and remembering that as soon as it looks like you can’t do it, that is the moment when you have to push through. That’s what separates successful [agents] from people who just have a license,” says Scott.

Friendships, relationships, and families fall apart and come together again through all eight episodes of season one. Because many of the agents work together on showings and sales, Scott eventually realizes, “We can get so much more accomplished if we’re friends and not foes.”

The show has become a fan favorite among millennials and real estate pros of all ages who may find Hollywood’s latest take on their everyday routines entertaining, and maybe occasionally, inspiring. Learn from these agents’ successes and mistakes as they grow as people and professionals in the current season, which airs Mondays at 9 p.m. EST on VH1.


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