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On Our Real Estate Radar: A Sustainable Future

Living with a farm in your backyard. The millions raised to reduce homelessness in Seattle. Wildfire season preparedness. Read the latest roundup of stories you may have missed.

“On Our Radar” is a reading list, curated by our friends at the world’s largest real estate library. That’s right, the National Association of REALTORS® has the largest collection in the world of real estate–related books and other materials.

Here’s the latest roundup of real estate news, trends, and tips that can help your business.

We dreamed of having a lawn—then we learned how absurdly expensive it is to maintain” (MarketWatch)

  • The rundown: A kind of “hard truth” read that’ll be great to share with any client who’s trying to decide between a lush green lawn and a rock or nativeplant garden. Hint: A lawn takes way more than just trimming, fertilizing, picking bugs, weeding, raking, and dethatching.

How to Prep Your Home for Wildfire Season—Because This Year Might Be Worse Than Last” (Sunset Magazine)

  • The rundown: This article gets bonus points from us because it comes with a handy video and app from California’s Department of Forestry and Fire Protection to keep your wildfireprone clients in check this season.

Affordable housing campaign raises $48.8M from Microsoft, Amazon, Ballmers, and others to combat homelessness in Seattle region” (GeekWire)

  • The rundown: Seattle is set to get five new affordable housing buildings over the next four years using millions of donated dollars. Some of that money was given by the tech companies whose growth has heightened the homelessness crisis.

Make Room for Grandma: Architects Design Homes for Multiple Generations” (The New York Times)

  • The rundown: Real-life examples—with gorgeous photos—of successful multi-generational homes creating a way of living together that also provides a solution to housing affordability.

Agrihoods Feed Buyer Interest With Hip Amenities” (REALTOR® Magazine)

  • The rundown: Entire communities are being built around farms, and more people are opting for a homegrown style of living, according to this tellall article that illustrates the reality of agrihoods.


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