The National Association of REALTORS® is excited to announce a cutting-edge digital development designed to reach out to consumers in every part of America. The "Ask a REALTOR®" skill is now live on the Amazon Echo and Google Assistant smart device platforms. The skill allows consumers to ask questions about real estate ownership, purchasing, and selling, by talking directly to their smart device, wherever it's located! And their answers will be curated by the experts at NAR.

NAR is launching the apps in order to serve its members and consumers nationwide, by providing trustworthy, credible, and up-to-date real estate information on the smart speaker platform, regarded as the hottest part of today's consumer tech universe.

"Ask a REALTOR®" will contain the answers to more than a thousand real estate questions, such as, "How much is my house worth?", "How can I find a Realtor?", and, "What is an appraisal?"

Activate the skill on your Amazon Echo smart device today by saying, “Alexa, enable, Ask a REALTOR®”. From then on, just say, “Alexa, Ask a REALTOR®”.

No enabling is required for Google Assistant devices. Simply say, “Hey, Google, Ask a REALTOR®”.