No More Catch-22!

Technology That Increases Your ROI On Building Proposals

Qualified listings are more important than ever; and when competing for listings, first impressions are golden. To succeed, commercial agents must prepare, present, and close at the highest level. The catch lies in the tremendous amount of time it takes to create a professional proposal presentation. For every hour of work on a proposal, you lose an hour of prospecting for more proposals.

So what do you do? What is the best ROI on your time, perfecting proposals or prospecting? The answer is more of both, and the solution is REI Wise PowerBroker software.

PowerBroker is the first and only propose-to-close technology that combines financial analysis, customized proposal creation, website publishing, and digital due diligence tools. Within 45 minutes you can efficiently create professional, branded, accurate proposals, and marketing materials for any property type.

Sean Glickman of Coldwell Banker Commercial NRT states, “As an investment advisor and a retail expert, I analyze one to two properties per week. I used Argus in the past, but now I combine the analysis with the presentation all in one, so it saves me a huge amount of time and effort.”

PowerBroker eliminates the “do-it-yourself” process and allows commercial agents to focus on core brokerage activities. Imagine never having to analyze in Excel… never having to format and create a presentation in Word, PowerPoint, or InDesign… never having to outsource for a property website.

Imagine transforming that time into directly productive brokerage activities. Not only will you see the ROI increase in your efficiency, but you will take your presentations to the next level. Your clients will be amazed at the high level of analysis, the professional presentation, and the fact you have property websites, email blasts, and a marketing campaign already created specifically for their deal.

The competition will be left behind, still creating their proposals while you’re signing the listing agreement. With REI Wise PowerBroker, you have the technology to increase your ROI. Be more productive, more professional, and more profitable. REI Wise is releasing an exclusive offer to NAR Members in September of 2011.

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eProperty Data

ePropertyData (ePD) continues to upgrade their products for their thirteen Commercial Information Exchange (CIE) systems, representing more than 150,000 commercial practitioners. Listening to their CIE clients and members resulted in the National Haves and Wants Notification System, and a new web-based product, Investit Lite.

The National Have and Wants Notification System provides members of ePD’s CIEs with the ability to search and broadcast listings to the other ePD-powered CIE members across the United States. Members of the CIE can post new Haves and/or Wants and then select where they would like them broadcast: within their regional network or nationally. Members can also control how often they receive notices: immediately, daily, or weekly. National Haves and Wants Notification System is an ePD CIE members-only benefit.

In July, ePD announced a strategic partnership with Investit Software, Inc., a leader in affordable real estate investment, development, and lease analysis software. With Investit, ePD developed an entry-level, web-based product, Investit Lite. Investit Lite allows for the quick analysis and evaluation of simple investments, such as multi-family rental properties, small office, retail, and industrial buildings, and more.

Connie Capone, CEO of ePD, is dedicated to enhancing the value ePD builds into their CIE systems. “Real estate professionals with an ePD-powered CIE have all the tools necessary, in one place, to profitably buy and sell commercial real estate.”

If you’re interested in powering your CIE with ePD’s powerful technology and years of experience, contact Carl Peterson at: For more information go to:

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