NAR Official Policy on Public Education

REALTORS® recognize the impact that quality education makes in every aspect of society. The future of business and industry, the real estate market and homeownership, our communities, and our nation depends on well-educated citizens and a well-educated workforce. To that end, we support programs and policies that promote quality education by efficiently financing capital construction, maintenance, and operations of our public school systems. We believe that public education is a state and local issue.

Community, family, and parental involvement in schools support such quality education. Thus we encourage all members of the REALTOR® family to actively involve themselves with local education issues and institutions, both individually and within their REALTOR® organizations.

We further encourage state legislatures, local government, school systems and private enterprise to explore all avenues that will increase efficiency through better allocation of resources to the classroom by developing creative solutions, and promoting community and corporate involvement, rather than looking predominantly to the overburdened taxpayer.


Tax Reform

Pending tax reform plans threaten to wipe out the tax benefits of owning a home for 95% of American families.