Houston Association of REALTORS® Wins 2018 Diamond Global Achievement Award

The National Association of REALTORS® awarded the DIAMOND Global Achievement Program Award to the Houston Association of REALTORS®’s HAR International at the Annual Conference & Expo in Boston, MA. The Association staff and volunteer leaders have demonstrated six consecutive years of consistently high levels of achievement in the five evaluated categories: Business Plan, Marketing & Communication, Events/Education, Outreach and Benchmarking.

For the last 6 years, HAR International continued to think big yet, as a Mega Board of 36,000+ members, global was not lost in the shuffle. Through their extensive research, marketing and communication they ensure that global is front and center and supported by the data they are able to provide. HAR has worked hard to be sure they know their members, including identifying over 6,700 in their database that speak another language or specialize in other cultures as well as capturing and sharing the top 20 countries that visit the HAR.com website on a monthly basis. This data reaffirms the “why Global?” for Houston and is truly eye opening for their members.

Continuing to evolve, in 2018 they formed the affiliate association leadership group which was made up of leaders of local real estate related organizations, such as FIABCI, AREAA, RLI and NAHREP. Due to the formation of that group, they have seen new attendees at their events and that has resulted in new business opportunities for HAR International members. Also, in 2018 they are awarding their first ever International REALTOR® Profile to a global member of HAR who will be recognized for a memorable global transaction by being honored at their 2019 International Day program and with a feature in their Houston REALTOR® Magazine which goes to the entire membership.

As stated on their application, “Houston is a continuing to grow as a global city and HAR International is here to assist our members in their global real estate career”

In 2017, 2016, 2015, 2014, 2013 and 2011 HAR International received the Platinum Achievement Award. In 2012, they received Gold.

Congrats, HAR International!