24 of the best advertising and marketing pieces from REALTOR® associations nationwide

It’s not easy to attract the attention of busy REALTORS®. Associations must flex every creative muscle to produce promotional and advertising materials that will engage and inform.

REALTOR® AE asked associations to submit their best advertisements, flyers, event brochures, and other marketing materials to our 2011 competition. The result was more than 65 terrific pieces. Judges chose three outstanding examples and 21 favorites.

Massachusetts Association of REALTORS®

The Massachusetts association clearly developed a great piece that’s attention-getting, unique, engaging, and impactful, showing signs of real strategic thinking in the development of the piece. It invites you to read while it conveys a sense of authority, and effectively ties REALTORS® to home ownership. Great branding with MAR and the REALTOR logo.

South Carolina Association of REALTORS®

Although conference brochures are often typical, with a utilitarian focus, South Carolina puts attention to design detail in every page without sacrificing accuracy or ease of use. The central graphic element (the lens) runs throughout the brochure and related flyers and promotions. The selection of type and overall design was clean and clear, which made the piece easily readable. These meeting programs usually all look the same. This one stands apart.

Bay East Association of REALTORS®, Calif.

This piece pops! The clean, clear use of graphics and type was very bold and attention-getting. Good hierarchy of elements and quickly understandable. Tone fits topic. Boom. Boom. Boom. I thought the overall impression was strong and that it would get reader attention and get the message and urgency across. Nice job.

-- Thanks to our judges: John Most, 33-year veteran of the advertising and branding industry, CEO of Most Agency; Julie Fournier, manager of creative & design, REALTOR® Magazine; and the RAE editorial board.


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