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Andrew B. Zezas, SIOR, is President and CEO of Real Estate Strategies Corp., a New Jersey-based corporate real estate advisory and transaction services firm. Real Estate Strategies’ clients include public, private, domestic, and global companies as well as not-for-profits from over twelve countries.

Andrew applies almost three decades of experience in setting strategy and executing acquisition, disposition, and advisory projects for the firm's most important clients, focused on office, distribution, manufacturing, technology, and life sciences.

Andrew’s numerous awards include SIOR Largest Deal of the Year, Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Finalist, and NAIOP Creative Deal of the Year, among others. Andrew is well-known for his energetic and passionate style as a business and motivational speaker.

Andrew has been interviewed on The Growth Strategist and on’s “Commercial Real Estate Leaders” video series. He has written “The CFO’s Guide To Understanding Corporate Real Estate Transactions” and more than 100 articles on real estate, customer service, finance, careers, and more.

Andrew holds real estate broker licenses in New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Oklahoma, and Florida, and is a certified real estate instructor in multiple states.

Course Descriptions

7+ Points of Profits – Negotiating Winning Commercial Lease Transactions

A "How To" discussion where commercial real estate agents and brokers, both seasoned and novice, will learn that a rent-only lease negotiating strategy is destined to fail, how their clients can capitalize on the 7+ points of profits when negotiating commercial leases, and how agents and brokers can win more business and collect larger commissions by utilizing this intelligent approach.

Enough About Me, Let’s Talk About Me!

Stop selling and start offering value! A direct, hard-hitting, yet light-hearted discussion that will arm commercial real estate agents and brokers with the tools they need to have more successful meetings, generate more leads, build stronger relationships, close more deals, and make more money! This presentation is designed to enlighten, inspire, and educate agents and brokers as to the skills they need to exceed even their own expectations.

Essential Elements of Profitable Tenant Rep and Commission Agreements

A “rock solid” tenant rep agreement and commission agreement are two of the most important documents in the successful commercial broker’s arsenal. Explore how to negotiate both to protect your commission dollars and achieve greater success.

How I Killed a Deal, Protected My Client, and Collected a $469,000 Commission - A Real Life Case Study

In this real life case study, the overly aggressive posture taken by the landlord regarding their dealings with the tenant-client and the landlord's slippery attempt to put the commission at risk forced the termination of the deal. As a result of a well-written tenant representation agreement and the strength of the broker / client relationship, the deal was resurrected, all of the client's terms were secured, and a full commission was collected.

Attendees will learn:

  • Why a well-written exclusive tenant rep agreement is extremely important to protect both broker and client
  • Critical business components that must be contained in every tenant rep agreement
  • How to make it easy for your client to execute your tenant rep agreement
  • How to negotiate landlord-paid commissions from a position of strength
  • How to negotiate aggressively and diplomatically to protect your client and yourself

Lease Renegotiations – Finding Hidden Profits for Your Clients

In challenging economies and heated markets, to expertly renegotiating commercial leases has become a very profitable tool for commercial real estate agents and brokers, both for them and for their clients. Learn the most dynamic approaches to bringing tenants and landlords together to restructure leases to create profit for everyone!

The Politics of Commissions

Commission rates, payment schedules, and futures are important aspects of a commercial broker’s success. They also impact buyers, sellers, tenants, and landlords and so, are extremely sensitive topics. This presentation explores why commission issues are so delicate and addresses how brokers can protect and increase their commissions.

You’re Not in the Business You Think You’re In!

A discussion about the true foundation of every business, how not to lose customers, how to bring customers back again and again, and how to win against the competition.

Hidden Value Opportunities and Beating the Pants off Your Competitors

Do you need a secret weapon to beat your competitors? True differentiation in commercial real estate brokerage can be tough. Hidden Value Opportunities are everywhere. You probably already know about them, but are not using them. You may be using them and not fully understand their ability to build your business to achieve greater success. Hear how to effectively incorporate Hidden Value Opportunities into your presentations and marketing and you’ll attract a higher caliber of client, win more business, retain long lasting relationships, and collect more and larger commissions.

How “Social” is your Social Media?

Are you spending time online discussing your favorite color, searching for old high school sweethearts, and writing about your love of the combination of sport fishing and needlepoint? Or, are you building a quality reputation, strong relationships, and a highly successful career? Stop playing and get back to work! This is not a discussion about design websites or how to conduct online research. Hear how to avoid being cute or corny, and how to build your brand, lead intelligent web conversations, and to efficiently market yourself online to beat your competitors to the next deal, close more transactions and collect more commission dollars.

40+ Elements of Trust in Commercial Real Estate

Relationships and trust are the engines of the commercial real estate industry. Do you have a lot of strong and profitable relationships? Do you have superior skills at earning the trust of your clients and your transactional opponents? Are your clients loyal to you, and engage you again and again? Hear more than 40 elements of trust in commercial real estate and how trust can be the foundation of successful transactions and careers, and how to gain and lose trust 40 + times!

Conflicts-of-Interest in Commercial Real Estate Transactions: Minimizing, Managing, and Resolving Them to Protect Yourself and Your Client

Commercial real estate professionals cannot avoid conflicts-of-interest. They’re everywhere. The most successful brokers and agents understand that conflicts-of-interest must be minimized, managed, and resolved, not in arrears, but before they occur. Would you believe that real estate at least twelve potential conflicts-of-interest exist in almost every transaction? Hear how to protect yourself, your clients, and your relationships, and maintain a reputation for being fair and balanced, while closing deals and collecting commissions!

Customized Topics

Your membership is like no other group of brokers and agents…they have their own career advancement needs and objectives. My team can help create a customized educational session precisely designed to meet the specific needs of your membership and your local market. Contact me.

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