Andre J. van Rensburg

Signature Series Speakers' Bureau, CCIM, ALC, CIPS

Saint Augustine, FL


Speaker fee: $3,000 + expenses
Course Length: 2-4 hours


Andre J. van Rensburg CCIM, ALC, CIPS was born in South Africa and has been living in the United States since 1999. He is a USA citizen. He holds a legal and a post - graduate qualification in Real Estate Development and has been a court appointed appraiser since 1992.

Mr. van Rensburg entered the real estate profession in 1985. He was the CEO and majority shareholder of the oldest private Real Estate Company based in Cape Town South Africa (circa 1879). Mr. van Rensburg is the President of Prudential Commercial Real Estate based out of Jacksonville.

Mr. van Rensburg has worked in various parts of the world including South Africa, the UK and the USA. He is a founding member of the Commercial Board of Realtors of Saint Augustine and the Florida Commercial Alliance. He was the 2010 President for the North Florida Chapter of CCIM and the 2012 Course Chair for CCIM Introduction to Commercial Real Estate.

He holds various designations including the prestigious Certified Commercial Investment Member (CCIM) designation, Accredited Land Consultant (ALC) designation, Certified International Property Specialist (CIPS) designation. He is a Rotarian and a Paul Harris Fellow.

Mr. van Rensburg has taught various real estate courses and delivered presentations about various aspects of commercial real estate all over the world. He is a senior instructor for the CCIM Institute and Realtor's Land Institute. He was awarded the 2009 Rising Star Instructor of the year award by the CCIM Institute, the 2009 and 2010 Realtors Land Institute Instructor of the Year and the 2011 CCIM Instructor of the Year - Introduction to Commercial Real Estate.

He is an accomplished and sought after keynote and motivational speaker on the subject of using African animals as a metaphor to creating successful and sustainable teams in business. Mr. van Rensburg is a highly sought-after keynote speaker on the subject of successful and sustainable teamwork referencing the similarities with habits of African animals like the African wild dog, Cheetah and elephant. He is a management consultant specializing in the identification and development of successful teams and businesses. He is a Paul Harris Fellow and a member of Rotary.

Course Descriptions

Commercial Real Estate: What Every Residential Agent Should Know:

Residential agents should have a comprehensive knowledge - even if they do not want to practice commercial real estate. This course provides the fundamentals of the commercial investment real estate industry using real-world case studies. Residential Agents will have the self-confidence to answer commercial customers' questions, identify and satisfy their needs with the solid commercial foundation laid in this course. This will also set the base for a referral network as a residential agent generating income from viable commercial referrals.

Key Training Points:

  • Solve investment problems using a financial calculator
  • Perform basic mortgage calculations using compounding and discounting techniques
  • Understand basic real estate investment analysis tools
  • Estimate net operating income and estimate cash flows before tax
  • Calculate the internal rate of return
  • Evaluate similar properties us a variety of investment tool

Commissions – How Much Am I Worth?

Many times we face selling ourselves short "to make the deal happen". We have educated ourselves and are considered specialists, but when it comes to getting paid most real estate practitioners have a difficult time negotiating their fees. This course will teach you how to plan your income for the next year, negotiate your fees in terms of your plan, and get paid what you are worth.

Key Training Points:

  • How much money do I want to make?
  • How much money can I realistically make?
  • Understand and calculate your value to your customer
  • Understanding the value of your customer
  • Set clear expectations
  • Turning a negative to a positive
  • Getting paid what you are worth

The Animal in Me Series – Teamwork in Real Estate - Focus

Categorized as one of the most "successful" predators in Africa, the Wild Dog, works as part of a loyal, fast, focused and efficient team. Their success comes not from strength, but from the loyal support of their multi-skilled teammates. This course illustrates how teamwork can achieve results way beyond the ability of the individual. A good team has the right mix of skills to motivate each other and to develop clear plans to make everyone successful.

Key Training Points:

  • Share a common purpose
  • Take responsibility for work
  • Multi-skilled
  • Nurture and develop young team members
  • Purposeful communication
  • Coordination and discipline
  • Celebrate success and share rewards
  • Exhibit strong disciplines

The Animal in Me Series – Planning a Successful Real Estate Business

One of the fastest and most beautiful occupants of wild Africa, the leopard, is a focused, independent and opportunistic predator. Look at business planning in a fresh new way by comparing the characteristics of the leopard to the principles of good planning. This course will show the importance of careful planning, faultless execution, and understanding the importance of having a focused and meticulously clear plan related to goals that are defined and measurable. The message of planning according to your strengths and weaknesses is clearly demonstrated along with the importance of setting high performance standards, which are measured and rectified when necessary in order to meet the challenges that lie ahead.

Key Learning Points:

  • Successful planning requires clear goals
  • Understand the need to have defined, measurable objectives
  • Planning is necessary in order for the business to survive and grow
  • Understand the importance of knowing your territory and planning to maintain and protect it
  • Manage resources effectively
  • Understand strengths and weaknesses and plan appropriately
  • Analyze risks and make judgments accordingly
  • Understand the value of setting high standards and seeking to meet or even exceed them.

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