Outstanding REALTOR® Association Web Site Contest


The 2011 Outstanding REALTOR® Association Web Site Contest is now closed. Thank you for entering. Winners will be notified via phone and announced in the Spring issue of REALTOR® AE magazine, May 2011.

Questions? Contact Carolyn Schwaar at cschwaar@realtors.org

What our judges had to say about past winners:

WINNER: North Texas Real Estate Information Systems

* “I can’t see how a member couldn’t love all the attention to details,” said one judge. “Everything they need to do real estate in Texas seems to be here in this Web site!”

* “There’s no way to lose your place in this site,” judges said. “There are well-thought-out steps to and from information.”

“[The site is] very easy on the eyes, no harsh colors, and I like the Flash [video] on the home page. It appeals to the professional appearance that one would want to see, up-to-date and working on the cutting edge of everything. No standing still, or locked in on the ‘now,’” one judge remarked.

WINNER: Wisconsin Association of Realtors®

“A good business tool? Absolutely!” said one judge. “Realtors® are able to take their CE classes (or any other classes) on their own schedule and at any location (at home, in their office, in a hotel, etc.).”

“I think this site was well-planned-out and gives the members everything they need for education,” one judge noted. “As the state association, it is great they are leaders in the education of the real estate industry.”

WINNER: The Nor’easter, The Northeast Association of Realtors®, Mass.

Judges said, “Overall, an excellent job, especially considering just one staff member works on this e-newsletter.”

“It’s very clear that it is a newsletter,” said one judge. “It’s formatted and feels like a newsletter, obviously for Realtors®.”

WINNER: Houston Association of Realtors®

“Navigation couldn’t get much easier,” noted one judge. “It was easy to find all the information, and you can save the property in your shopping cart and continue to search through the site. ‘Home’ is clearly visible at the top of every page.”

“The site is professional looking, the colors are soft and not flashy, and, best of all, it is not consumed with advertising,” another judge reflected.

“This is an excellent way to help the members make money—providing the public the avenue to search the members’ listings and contact the members directly through the association’s public MLS,” a judge said.

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