NAR Fact Sheets for Associations

Fact Sheets from the National Association of REALTORS® are provided to Associations so they can share upcoming initiatives, offers, and exclusive member benefits with their members.

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Introducing the NAR+Photofy App

NAR has partnered with Photofy to create an NAR-branded version of their content creation app that comes pre-loaded with “That’s Who We R” social media videos and graphics.

Download fact sheet (PDF: 265 KB)


Introducing the Commitment to Excellence Program

A program that empowers REALTORS® to demonstrate their professionalism and commitment to conducting business at the highest standards. 

Download fact sheet (PDF: 130 KB) 

New Resources for REALTOR® Safety Month

September is REALTOR® Safety Month. Leverage and share the wealth of resources to help educate REALTORS®.

Download fact sheet (PDF: 54 KB) 

SentriLock Celebrates 15 Years of Innovation, Industry Leadership

SentriLock has more than one million lockboxes in use by 400,000 agents from over 300 different REALTOR® boards, associations, and MLSs, achieving a dominant 35 percent of market share during the past 15 years of operation.

Download fact sheet (PDF: 393 KB)

Introducing the Center for REALTOR® Financial Wellness

A new online resource designed to meet the specific financial planning needs of REALTORS®, including interactive, step-by-step guides to help you achieve financial security.

Download fact sheet (PDF: 93 KB)

Exclusive REALTOR® Family Pre-sale for .realestate Domains Begins September 18, 2018

NAR and CREA members, firms, and boards with an active .realtor™ domain will have early access to register .realestate web addresses of their choice before .realestate is made available to the general public.

Download fact sheet (PDF: 300 KB)

Newest REALTOR Benefits® Program Enhancement Helps REALTORS® Save on Vehicle Maintenance Costs

An exclusive vehicle maintenance program, expanding upon the popular $500 cash allowance and oil change program that has been in place since 2011.

Download fact sheet (PDF: 412 KB)

The Little Orange Book: Sales and Marketing Rules to Live By for REALTORS®

Focuses on the instructions, philosophies, and rules members of NAR use to market themselves and their business to find business, generate leads, and how to best use technology in their sales and marketing efforts.

Download fact sheet (PDF: 505 KB)

2018 Code of Ethics and Policy Products

2018 editions of all five Code of Ethics and Policy products will be available for sale mid-January.

Download fact sheet (PDF: 128 KB)

Fair Housing Act Commemoration

In 2018, NAR will embark on a yearlong commemoration of the 50th Anniversary of the Fair Housing Act to raise awareness and create action.

Download fact sheet (PDF: 61 KB)


Housing Point: Fair Housing Act Video-Download

NAR has updated its video as part of the Association's commemoration of the 50th anniversary of the Federal Fair Housing Act.

Download fact sheet (PDF: 669 KB)

Real Estate Today Now Available on the Amazon Echo

NAR's Communications group is proud to announce the launch of Real Estate Today, NAR’s official radio program, on the Amazon Echo platform.

Download Fact Sheet (PDF: 652 KB)

Back At You Media: NAR’s Newest REALTOR Benefits® Partner

Offering REALTORS® an automated and simple-to-use social media marketing platform.

Download Fact Sheet (PDF: 318 KB)

The Little Purple Book: International Rules to Live By for REALTORS®

This new product focuses on the instructions, philosophies, and rules members of NAR use to work on a global scale and support global clients' needs.

Download Fact Sheet (PDF: 678 KB)

All-New Alfa Romeo Vehicles Added to NAR’s REALTOR Benefits® Program

$500 cash allowance exclusively available to NAR members on purchase/lease of All-New Alfa Romeo Giulia and Stelvio.

Download Fact Sheet (PDF: 535 KB)

REALTORS® Relief Foundation - Benefiting Those in Need

When major disaster strikes, the REALTORS® Relief Foundation (RRF) has one goal: to help families who have endured unimaginable loss.

Download Fact Sheet (PDF: 28 KB)

New Resources Have Arrived for REALTOR® Safety Month

This September, and throughout the year, NAR supports REALTOR® Safety with resources at

Download Fact Sheet (PDF: 54 KB)

Center for REALTOR® Development Launches Real Estate Investing Online Course

Announcing the launch of a new six-hour (one-day) online course called Real Estate Investing: Build Wealth Representing Investors and Becoming One Yourself.

Download Fact Sheet (PDF: 601 KB)

Proudly Announcing Our Newest Partner: Members Medicare Exchange

A private Medicare insurance options platform and resource center from the REALTOR Benefits® Program.

Download Fact Sheet (PDF: 545 KB)

RPR Mobile™ Now Includes Commercial Data

The new Commercial mode, easily activated from within the RPR® app, is similar to the platform’s Commercial website.

Download Fact Sheet (PDF: 389 KB)

2017 REALTOR® Broker Summit: Register for Live Stream

As a free member benefit, NAR members located in and outside of the U.S. will be able to view three business sessions from the Broker Summit in San Diego for free via live stream, and one additional session on Facebook Live.

Download Fact Sheet (PDF: 166 KB)


Intuit Fact Sheet

Through the REALTOR Benefits® Program, QuickBooks® Self Employed and TurboTax® from Intuit now offer NAR members three ways to save.

Download Fact Sheet (PDF: 520 KB)