AE Competencies and RCE Body of Knowledge

The desired skills, attributes, and knowledge base of a successful REALTOR® association executive vary from association to association, depending on the association's size, organizational structure, and demographics, as well as the diverse needs of its members.

This guide identifies the competencies in which an association executive shall be proficient to successfully serve the evolving REALTOR® association.

Within each competency there are three levels of knowledge—administrative level, management level, and leadership level. Each of the five competencies—Manage the Association and Its Business Operations, Understand the Structure of the REALTOR® Organization, Understand Real Estate Issues and Trends, Acquire and Communicate Valuable Information, and Foster Effective Interpersonal Relationships—are attached to topics that lead to proficiency at the three defined levels.

CAE Plus 5 Study Guide

In addition, we offer another version of this document, which specifically identifies areas from the Body of Knowledge that comprise the RCE CAE Plus exam. AEs preparing for the RCE CAE Plus exam should review this Body of Knowledge: