State and Local Policy Strategies to Advance Housing Affordability

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Nationwide housing inventory is lower than it’s been since the National Association of Realtors® began tracking this data in 1982. To continue its work to address a problem that has long plagued American communities and has been worsened by COVID-19, NAR released new research arguing that the nation’s affordability crisis will require policymakers to adopt a number of localized solutions. The paper, State and Local Policy Strategies to Advance Housing Affordability, recommends lawmakers pursue solutions through three key avenues: financial policy measures; policies aimed at increasing the supply of housing and zoning; and permitting policy reform.


Housing Is Critical Infrastructure

June 16, 2021
Download the Housing Is Critical Infrastructure: Social and Economic Benefits of Building More Housing report authored by the Rosen Consulting Group.


Zoning laws affect land use, lot size, building heights, density, and more.