REALTOR® Party: Classes and Educational Opportunities

Listed below are many courses offered by the REALTOR® Party to REALTORS®, state and local REALTOR® associations, and REALTOR®-friendly public office candidates on community outreach, campaign services, and political fundraising.

APEX Training

Through the Apex Training course, REALTOR® Association staff will have access to a variety of campaign services that can take an association’s campaign involvement to the next level, while providing members with long term and bottom-line benefits for their dues dollars.

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Best Practices for Choosing REALTOR® Champions Course

Best Practices for Choosing REALTOR® Champions is a three-hour training session that provides best practices for association staff and volunteers, including RPAC Trustees, Government Affairs Committee members or other member-leaders, that disburse money to candidates at their state or local associations.

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Contact: John Winston at 202-383-1235

Candidate Training Academy

Collaborate with NAR’s professional campaign consultants to help groom your REALTOR® champions to be viable and successful candidates for public office. This training class walks a candidate step-by-step through the process, from making the decision to run, to fundraising, to Get-Out-The-Vote efforts on Election Day.

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Contact: John Winston at 202-383-1235

Community Outreach Planning Sessions

State and local REALTOR® associations are invited to schedule a one-on-one virtual session to brainstorm ways to advocate and engage in housing opportunity, community planning and development, revitalization efforts and fair housing initiatives, utilizing Community Outreach Grants and Resources.

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Contact: Christine Windle at 202-383-1135

Community Outreach Webinars

Watch the recorded webinars on Housing Opportunity, Placemaking, Smart Growth, and Transforming Neighborhoods programs.

Leading With Diversity Workshop

A three hour session for Local Association leaders and staff to develop and articulate a business case for inclusion and diversity, define what diversity means in your community, and take action that will help you move your association along its path to inclusion of diversity in your leadership. Workshop participants weigh the benefits of working with local chapters of multicultural real estate organizations and use the Diversity Toolkit to help develop action plans that form the basis for a Diversity Initiative Grant.

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Contact:  Ryan Davis at 312-329-8692

Online Candidate Training Academy

Are you a REALTOR® or REALTOR® association staff member interested in running for public office or just curious about the process? Take the Campaign Training for State and Local Candidates.

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Contact: John Winston at 202-383-1235

REALTOR® Party New Member Orientation

The REALTOR® Party New Member Orientation supplements the existing NAR Orientation Toolkit for associations.

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Contact: Jami Sims at 202-383-1221

RPAC Fundraising & Training Webinars

Throughout the year, NAR hosts a series of RPAC fundraising and training webinars designed to help state and local association staff and volunteer leaders acquire practical RPAC fundraising skills and/or use the PAC Management System to implement a successful online fundraising campaign—all without leaving the office.

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Contacts: Michael Clark at 202-383-1075 for fundraising webinars, Peter Kelly at 202-383-7599 for training on the PAC Management System.

Smart Growth for the 21st Century Class

Offer and sponsor this four-hour course that teaches REALTORS® state-of-the-art community planning concepts, the value of smart growth neighborhoods to homebuyers and their communities and how REALTORS® can help make smart growth happen.

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Contact:  Hugh Morris at 202-383-1278


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