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 Real estate can be a stressful job. You might be up against a busy schedule, complex negotiations, impossible-to-please clients, sagging sales, and a flood of bills.

Take the quiz below to see if your stress levels are spiraling out of control. Your honesty in answering the following questions is an important step in getting on a path to better manage your stress.

1.Are you currently feeling overwhelmed about the amount of work you need to do?

2.Do you find yourself getting more frustrated, angry, or even lashing out at your client when things don't go according to plan?

3.Do you often feel tired and fatigued?

4.Do you find yourself enjoying what you do in real estate less than you used to?

5.Do you often talk about your frustrations and challenges with others around you?

6 .Have you recently experienced tension headaches?

7 .Are you getting sick more than usual (such as more colds or stomach problems)?

8 .Do you often worry about things you cannot control?

9 .Do you often find yourself eating when you're not even hungry?

10.Does the following statement describe how you most often handle stressful situations? "I welcome challenges and accept them as a part of life, and I sometimes use a sense of humor to cope with everyday situations."

11.When you aren't feeling very energetic, do you know how to motivate yourself?

12.Do you find yourself taking part in more nervous habits, such as pacing, clenching your jaw, or biting your nails?