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REALTOR® Association Planning Calendar by Date

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Welcome to the AE calendar of events, programs, initiatives, and other dates of interest to REALTOR associations. Use the search function on this page to find an event or click the blue triangles to view the content for each year and month.

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12/01/2017APPLICATION DEADLINE: REALTOR® association Certified Executive (RCE) Applicant Data Form (ADF)
RCE Applicant Data Forms (ADFs) are due. ADFs must be received by December 1 to become eligible to take the RCE exam during the 2017 AE Institute or locally online in your state/region.
Contact: Krystal Allen
Website: Click her to access the online applciation

12/06/2017 -- 03/02/20182018 AE Institute On-line Registration Opens
Online registration opens for the 2018 AE Institute in Charlotte, North Carolina.
Contact: Cynthia Bair
Website: View AEI Program Information

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