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Real Estate Negotiation Expert (RENE) Certification Course

This two-day course is an interactive experience to help negotiators elevate their game! This course examines all types of negotiation formats and methods so that today's negotiators can play the game to win. A full spectrum of tips, tools, techniques and advantages will be provided so that negotiators can provide effective results for their clients.

Learning Objectives:
  • When and how to negotiate
  • Craft a plan/strategy for any negotiation
  • Recognize patterns and tactics being utilized
  • Adjust your communication style to achieve optimum results with any party in the transaction
  • Successfully apply the principles of persuasion to any negotiation situation
  • Effectively negotiate face-to-face, on the phone or through e-mail and other media

Real Estate Business Institute (REBI)
Course Length:   
Classroom: 2 days; Online: 12 hours
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