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Daily Real Estate News  |  November 10, 2008  |   Unspoken Rules of Social Networking
Before you jump into Facebook and try to befriend the masses, you need to understand how things are done in this alternative universe.

First and foremost, don’t ask people you don’t know to be your “friend” and bombard them with constant posts about your listings.

If you damage your reputation, you’ll quickly find yourself very lonely in the social networking world, said panelists at Sunday’s REALTORSŪ Conference & Expo session on using social media.

That’s not to say social networking can’t be a great tool in selling real estate. You just have to do it in a way that doesn’t seem over-promotional.

“You can use social media to maintain a presence with people you already know because it allows you to have a constant presence in their lives,” said Jeff Turner of

Turner and other panelists gave REALTORSŪ the lowdown on social networking sites:

LinkedIn ( This site is geared to professionals seeking to expand their circle of contacts. Once you’re connected to someone on LinkedIn, you can link with who that person is connected to. Only make “connections” with people you know or you’ve just met, said panelist Rudy Bachraty of

Facebook ( Facebook is a place to for just about everyone—family, friends, past clients, and colleagues of all age groups. It’s OK to say you’re a real estate professional in your profile, but leave it at that. To connect with other real estate junkies, join a specialized real estate group, but “don’t force it,” says Bachraty.

Twitter ( Twitter is often called “micro-blogging.” You can send short (140 character) messages to people who choose to “follow” you. You can “tweet” from you PDA or the Web.

Your overall business goal of social networking should be to expand your sphere and move conversations offline, panelists said. “There’s always going to be need for face-to-face communication in real estate,” Turner said. “Find a way to marry the two worlds.”

Melissa Dittmann Tracey

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