2018 Cars: Options Fitting for Your Business

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Whether you want to exude luxury or chic practicality, explore the newest models and how they can help you drive your business forward.

The 2018 model year will bring good news for those looking for a new vehicle, whether for work, family, or both. Automakers, both domestic and foreign, are launching a record number of offerings, and they cover pretty much every possible size, body style, and price range. There are also a growing number of high-mileage and alternative-fuel vehicles, including diesels, hybrids, plug-in hybrids, and pure battery-electric models. We’ve sorted through the dozens of new 2018 models to find some of the best offerings for real estate professionals, whether your first priority is comfort, cargo, fuel economy, prestige, or price. Also, discover the vehicle trends geared toward real estate, as well as how the new fleet offers a business-class experience for your clients. 

Affordable Alternatives

Ford EcoSport: Ford has long been one of the kings of the SUV market, but the automaker had a small hole in its lineup that will soon be filled with the arrival of the subcompact EcoSport. The vehicle has been offered in seemingly every other market for more than a decade. Price: TBD shortly after the holidays

GMC Terrain: Sharing key underpinnings with the compact Chevy Equinox SUV, the Terrain features what GMC likes to call a more “professional-grade” exterior. Despite its small footprint, there’s a lot of room inside for passengers and cargo. There’s a 2.0-liter engine for a sporty feel, but if fuel economy is important to you, go for the 1.5-liter four-cylinder engine or the new diesel. Starting price: $24,995

Honda Fit: Honda’s smallest U.S. model is a hatchback with an interior that invariably seems larger than its exterior. Add its “magic seat” system, and you get a surprising amount of flexibility for passengers and cargo. The 2018 model gets some stylish tweaks, including a sport trim package and new safety features such as Lane Keeping Assist. Base price: $16,190

Kia Rio: The Korean carmaker’s little sedan may have been too tiny for some drivers. No longer. The 2018 makeover is larger and more refined, with niceties such as a touchscreen to operate its Apple CarPlay and Android Auto infotainment apps. Its 130-horsepower four-cylinder engine makes a reasonable 130 hp and delivers improved fuel economy. Base price: around $14,000

Green Machines

Honda Clarity: It’s often said there is no silver bullet when it comes to cleaner cars—but it least you can have more options. So Honda is adding three alternatives for green-minded buyers to choose from. Looking like it rolled off a sci-fi film’s soundstage, the original Clarity relies on a hydrogen fuel-cell drivetrain and is offered only in parts of California. The plug-in hybrid and pure battery-electric models will be more widely available. Price: TBD

Hyundai Ioniq: Like Honda, Hyundai plans to offer three separate versions of the distinctively styled Ioniq. That will include the original hybrid and battery-electric versions, as well as a plug-in hybrid model, due later this autumn. It’s expected to go 27 miles on battery alone before the gas engine kicks in. Price: Due by late October

Kia Niro: Kia launched the first version of its Niro model earlier in the year, a hybrid-electric vehicle with a bit of a sci-fi design flair. It’s now getting set to introduce a second version, a plug-in hybrid. But we’ll have to wait a couple months for full details, such as electric range and EPA mileage ratings. Price: TBD

Nissan Leaf: The original Nissan Leaf was the world’s first high-volume battery-electric vehicle from a mainstream automaker. Now it’s back in a completely redesigned package for 2018. The car boosts its range by 40 percent, to 150 miles per charge. A 200-plus-mile battery option should follow next year. The Leaf also gets the new, semi-autonomous ProPilot Assist system. Base price: $29,990

Tesla Model S: Few 2018 models have been more eagerly awaited than the California carmaker’s first mainstream-priced Model 3. It retains the big touchscreen found in the flagship Model S sedan, as well as Tesla’s semi-autonomous Autopilot. And it will get you 220 miles per charge, with a battery option coming that will boost range to over 300 miles. Base price: $35,000 before federal tax credits

Luxury Models

Alfa Romeo Stelvio: For those who would like Italian flair, plenty of high-line features, and lots of room to carry everything from yard signs to clients, Alfa Romeo weighs in with its first-ever SUV, the Stelvio. It’s not just another bland SUV but a bold and energizing design that, in Quadrifoglio trim, is also the world’s fastest SUV. Base price: $41,995

BMW 5-Series: The mid-range offering from the Bavarian automaker delivers the performance and handling of the compact 3-Series with much of the luxury and tech features you’d expect from the top-line 7-Series. We also could have placed the new 5-Series in the green category, as it’s a surprisingly sporty plug-in hybrid. Starting price: $52,400

Lexus LS: Few models are more closely identified with a brand than the Lexus LS, one of two models that helped launch what is now the most popular of the Japanese luxury marques back in 1989. An all-new—and far more passionate—take on the full-size sedan offers some amazing new tech features, as well as a business class–style backseat clients will love. Base price: around $75,000

Range Rover Velar: No brand is riding higher than Land Rover, as millions of buyers shift from sedans to SUVs. The high-line Velar is one of an assortment of new models targeting those buyers. It blends the comfort and features of a luxury passenger car with the go-anywhere capabilities Land Rover utes are known for. Base price: $49,900

Volvo XC60: You might not recognize the Swedish brand these days. Gone are the boxy old wagons, largely replaced by stylish utes such as the award-winning XC90 and this year’s new XC60. The mid-range model expands on its classic focus on safety with new driver-assistance tech, while adding plenty of luxury touches, a surprisingly sporty ride, and an available plug-in hybrid. Starting price: $41,500

Minivans and SUVs

Audi Q5: The original version of Audi’s midsize SUV quickly set a benchmark in its luxury segment, and the second-generation ute raises the bar several steps higher. As with any Audi, striking design was a development priority, but the new Q5 also offers more legroom and cargo space, as well as more luxury touches. There’s also new, high-tech safety and infotainment gear. Base price: $41,500

Chevrolet Traverse: GM’s largest brand has new SUVs large and small for 2018, complete makeovers of the compact Equinox and the big, three-row Traverse. The latter model is not only a lot roomier but also adds the sort of luxury features it long lacked, including new entertainment technology and built-in Wi-Fi, as well as more advanced safety gear. Starting price: $30,875

Ford Expedition: The Detroit automaker’s biggest SUV has gone more than 20 years without a complete makeover, but the new version is worth the wait. Make that “weight,” as it shifts from a steel to light aluminum body that translates into much better fuel economy and a more nimble ride. The 2018 Expedition adds an array of new features but retains its classic roominess. Base price: $51,695

Honda Odyssey: Despite being known for “soccer moms,” minivans haven’t vanished—and the fifth-generation Odyssey is a good reason why. Yep, it’s great for hauling around the family or clients, with features like its rear-seat entertainment system, built-in Wi-Fi, and CabinWatch to keep an eye on those in back. It’s also surprisingly fun to drive and delivers 22 mpg. Starting price: $29,990

Volkswagen Atlas: The German automaker has been slow to adapt to the SUV boom but is hoping to make up for lost time with the launch of both a complete remake of the small Tiguan and the all-new Atlas. The latter is a well-equipped three-row ute that offers massive amounts of passenger and cargo space, even in the way-back. Starting price: $30,500