Results of National Call for REALTOR® Volunteerism Are Huge

At least half of the nation’s REALTOR® associations planned projects, from serving homeless shelters to community cleanup efforts, during the 2022 REALTOR® Volunteer Days.
REALTOR® Volunteer Days

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At least half of the nation's REALTOR® associations hosted a community service project during REALTOR® Volunteer Days this year.

From volunteering at local homeless shelters to community cleanup efforts, REALTORS® turned out in large numbers during the nationwide REALTOR® Volunteer Days, and the results of their giveback efforts are rolling in.

At least half of the nation’s 1,138 local and state REALTOR® associations planned volunteer projects and invited their members to join the efforts during the week-long nationwide event. The National Association of REALTORS® encouraged associations, brokerages and individual members across the country to participate in local volunteer activities during the REALTOR® Volunteer Days, which ran June 4-12. REALTOR® Volunteer Days is a yearly event in early June that is part of the REALTORS® Are Good Neighbors program.

"It's inspiring to see stories from all over the country of REALTORS® coming together to uplift their communities,” says Sara Geimer, manager of NAR’s Good Neighbor Awards. “It's not surprising, though: REALTORS® tend to be natural problem solvers, natural connectors, and, of course, they are deeply invested in making sure their communities are healthy and strong."

But REALTORS® show up to give back to their communities far beyond the REALTOR® Volunteer Days event, Geimer says. NAR members volunteer in their communities nearly three times more than the average American, according to NAR’s C.A.R.E. (Community Aid and Real Estate) report.

Snapshot From 2022 REALTOR® Volunteer Days Events

Associations and members planned numerous events as part of the 2022 REALTOR® Volunteer Days to help benefit their local communities, such as through donation drives for food banks, Habitat for Humanity builds, neighborhood cleanups and more. Read more stories from the 2022 REALTOR® Volunteer Days at the REALTORS® Are Good Neighbors Facebook page, and take a peek at some of their many efforts.