Most Popular Paint Colors Throughout the Home

A person fanning out a paint color palette book.

© Klaus Vedfelt - DigitalVision / Getty Images

Classic white remains the most popular color choice in kitchens, but homeowners continue to experiment with wider palettes for that room and other areas of the home.

“With white kitchens, there’s never a risk of looking dated in a few years, while the sleek minimalistic feel is effortlessly complemented by dark counters or contrasting kitchen accessories,” says Living Cozy, a home design resource, which analyzed global search data about design over the last 12 months.

White also ranked in the three most popular for several rooms in the house that might “benefit from the illusion of more space,” such as pantries, home offices, and laundry rooms, according to the study.

Green is becoming a more common choice in kitchens, ranking second. It has emerged as one of the trendiest colors of 2022 and also ranks within the top three for all interior areas to redecorate in. Shades of sage, olive, and jade are trending, the study shows.

Blue is the third most popular kitchen color of 2022, including shades of teal, turquoise, and light blue.

A visual list of the most popular kitchen colors, the top three being white, green, and blue.

An unexpected color is making more headway in bedroom design: black, according to the Living Cozy study that tracked Google searches. 2022 is seeing a rise in popularity in black-painted bedrooms, including shades of charcoal and dark gray.

A visual list of the most popular bedroom colors, the top three being black, white, and green.

In the bathroom, black colors reigned again. In more than 2.2 million worldwide Google searches for bathroom colors in 2021, black was the clear winner, according to Living Cozy.

“Black bathroom ideas are stylish, modern, and chic, and are taking over the traditional chrome and gold colors that have dominated bathroom design for years,” the researchers note. “Bathrooms in 2022 incorporate dark black design elements through fixtures, feature walls, and flooring.”

A visual list of the most popular bathroom colors, the top three being black, white, and green.

In the living room, green is trending, according to the study. “Using green in your living room design can be the perfect way to bring an essence of nature indoors without the need for plants,” the designers note. “Layering different shades of green works best, from incorporating dark hues to featuring light pistachio shades.”

A visual list of the most popular living colors, the top three being green, white, and blue.