‘Flintstone House’ Owner Wins Lawsuit Over ‘Eyesore’

Flintstone House in California

© Justin Sullivan - Getty Images

The town of Hillsborough, Calif., an affluent suburb of San Francisco, sued the owner of the “Flintstone House” over the property’s garden installations.

A Northern California legal battle pitted a homeowner against a town over yard statues that blanketed the lawn that some deemed as a “highly visible eyesore.” After more than two years of legal battles, the parties have reached an agreement: The metal dinosaur and animal statues can stay.

The controversy first started in 2019 when the town of Hillsborough, Calif., said they were receiving complaints from neighbors and residents over a home’s “eyesore” lawn decorations. The owner of what’s been labeled the “Flintstone House” had statues covering the front and backyard, including a 15-foot dinosaur and cartoon sculptures of the Flintstone characters. A sign also read “Yabba Dabba Doo,” Fred Flintstone's exuberant exclamation at 5 o’clock each day. The town argued the lawn ornaments violated building codes and the owner had added them without the proper permits.

After homeowner Florence Fang failed to comply with orders to remove her collection of statues, the town took her to court in San Mateo County. The town requested the judge deem the property a public nuisance and have the statues removed. Fang countersued, arguing she was discriminated against based on her race (Fang is Chinese American). Fang argued in the lawsuit that the town denied her the right to build on her property and enforced building codes that did not apply to her home.

Fang reportedly will receive $125,000 from the town to cover legal costs from her lawsuit in the legal settlement reached. Fang has agreed to dismiss her claims of racial discrimination. She also must apply for building permits for the exterior of the home, which will be approved after submission, the Los Angeles Times reports.

“The parties have reached an amicable resolution of the case to the satisfaction of all parties, such that the improvements made to the Flintstone House will be permitted to remain,” the settlement reads, as reported by the Palo Alto Daily Post.

The dispute over the statues has drawn international news coverage. The settlement was reached earlier this year, but details of the agreement were just recently released.

The orange and purple “boulder-like” home is located in a neighborhood south of San Francisco. Fang had purchased the home in 2017 for $2.8 million.