Why ‘I’m Not Racist’ Doesn’t Resolve Unintentional Bias

Afua Addo interview
2021 REALTORS Conference & Expo logo

When someone, perhaps a client or colleague, makes you aware of something you’ve said or done that could be potentially offensive to a certain group of people, what’s your response? Many may react in defense, saying, “I’m not that type of person.” This kind of reply, as well-intentioned as it may be, can inhibit opportunities to calmly and respectfully address a true misunderstanding about your behavior and reach a higher level of awareness about your implicit biases—which we all have.

Afua Addo of the Perception Institute, which worked with the National Association of REALTORS® to develop NAR’s training video, “Bias Override: Overcoming Barriers to Fair Housing,“ took a deep dive Thursday into the lessons the training imparts during a session at the 2021 REALTORS® Conference & Expo in San Diego. Hear what Addo had to say during a one-on-one interview about the virtues of apologizing for potentially biased behavior, even when you have the best of intentions.