Leading With Excellence Translates to International Success

Premier Estate Properties leads the elite, international market by focusing on excellence and family values.

Photo of three older while men in suits
From left to right: Gerry Liguori, Carmen N. D’Angelo Jr. and Joe Liguori, broker-owners of Premier Estate Properties in

Thirty years ago, three people opened Premier Estate Properties in Boca Raton, Fla.,—twin brothers Gerry and Joe Liguori and their partner and friend Carmen N. D’Angelo Jr. The boutique firm now has a team of 51 agents in six coastal offices. It boasts a staggering sales volume of $17.1 billion and operates a billion-dollar-plus listing portfolio.

“We have set and broken many records, including sales exceeding $3 billion in one 12-month period alone,” says Carmen. “From the beginning, it was our relentless commitment and unwavering focus on the high-end market niche that propelled us to our current success.”

The team’s tenacity helped them hit the mark, but the three men agree that their brokerage stands out because of its commitment to loyalty and legacy.

A Beginning Built on Friendship

The twins, who grew up in Pennsylvania, are second-generation real estate professionals following in their father’s footsteps.

“We wanted to continue the family legacy when we moved to Florida in 1987,” Gerry says.

They met D’Angelo while studying real estate at Gold Coast School and soon became friends. A few years later, they created their firm. Each of the members of the broker team adds a specific skillset and expertise, making for a well-rounded powerhouse.

“Gerry’s communication skills and charismatic personality have helped him forge an unbreakable bond with our clients,” D’Angelo says. “His digital marketing experience also adds to the success of the brokerage by ensuring maximum exposure of the sellers’ properties to qualified buyers.”

Joe, whose earlier career was in business marketing and analytics, contributes an understanding of marketing best practices and how to measure the effectiveness of marketing efforts.

“I have spent years honing those skills through collaboration with many marketing firms,” he says.

In tune with architectural trends and having a knack for deep listening, D’Angelo can forecast what will be in vogue next and anticipate client desires.

“I have the ability to understand the client’s specific wants, while building their trust both in me and in the brokerage,” he says.

As a team, their individual strengths lead to collective success.

“Our different approaches provide us with the ability to address the needs and personalities of each of our individual clients, which is one of the reasons for our success,” Joe says.

Family Values as a Business Cornerstone

“We have a bond with each other that is unbreakable, and we put forth our best work as a unit,” Joe says. “As Gerry, Carmen and I grew the business, we incorporated immediate and extended family, thus creating a powerful sense of community within our brokerage.”

The brokers stress that as an agent under the Premier Estate Properties name, they are a representative of the brand, and therefore held to a high standard.

“As such, they are expected to ensure our clients always receive the same level of exceptional service we provide,” he says. “That includes unparalleled market knowledge, a commitment to always achieving each client’s best result and always performing with the utmost integrity, discretion and professionalism, as well as adhering to a formal business dress code. “

In addition to adherence to the standards of excellence that Premier Estate Properties requires, agents must also be intrinsically determined, passionate about their work and motivated to succeed.

“We have built a reputation for consistent market leadership, upholding professional integrity and maintaining client confidentiality. These values are at the heart of everything we do, and we are committed to upholding them in every aspect of our business,” D’Angelo says.

The company provides mentorship opportunities and extensive training programs to ensure agents are prepared when entering the market.

“We focus on the growth trajectory of our employees by helping them build their own brands under the Premier Estate Properties umbrella,” Joe remarks. “Helping each of them succeed ultimately leads to the firm’s overall success.”

Working with Elite Clients

Work ethic, training and commitment to excellence are part of the reason the brand is so recognizable among celebrity circles. Each agent becomes a trusted advisor to their client. The brokers and agents have sold the homes of racecar driver Jeff Gordon and actor Kevin James, and are often referred to other celebrities as a result of their reputation.

The brokerage is also well-known for its discretion and commitment to trust. Joe says that they treat every client like a member of the Premier family, which gives clients confidence and trust. Additionally, the brokerage’s focus on building a referral network in the world’s most affluent cities means they’re a household name at the global level for high-profile buyers. It also helps that 59% of their agents have landed in the Wall Street Journal on the RealTrends annual list, “The Thousand,” which ranks the nation’s top 1,000 real estate agents.

Marketing prowess plays into their success as well. The brokerage’s marketing strategy and efforts have received international recognition from the International Property Awards, where they were crowned “Best Real Estate Agency” in Florida. Additionally, they’ve been commended by the likes of Bloomberg, Google and CNBC with the Real Estate Agency Marketing USA title for the excellent marketing strategies and website functionality and design—accolades that don’t go unnoticed in elite circles.

Eyeing the Future

Continued effort on building their global brand is key to the future success of Premier Estate Properties. To date, they offer a global network of affiliates through Mayfair International Realty, Luxury Portfolio and Who’s who in Luxury Real Estate. That network enables them to reach 140,000 agents in 74 countries with $586 billion total annual global home sales.

“Our work within our market areas with both buyers and sellers has helped strengthen the market’s resilience,” Carmen states. “Today, the southeast region has become more coveted than ever, and we continue to grow along with the communities we serve.”

D’Angelo says their understanding of the South Florida luxury market and its place in the international market will help the brokerage thrive for years to come.

“As a team, we always stive to stay ahead of the curve in our industry. Our dedication to learning and growing has allowed us to build a network of experts who share our passion and commitment.”

Gerry adds that “Premier Estate Properties has been a dream for all of us, and we look forward to continuing the growth of our company for generations to come.”