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  REALTORS® State and Local Boards
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BELVIDERE BOARD OF REALTORS®(815) 544-2719(815) 531-1076
BLOOMINGTON NORMAL ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS® INCwww.BNRealtors.com(309) 664-5092(309) 664-5098
CAPITAL AREA ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS®www.seehouses.com(217) 698-7000(217) 698-7009
CENTRAL ILLINOIS BOARD OF REALTORS®(217) 348-7070(217) 348-8763
CHICAGO ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS® INChttp://www.chicagorealtor.com(312) 803-4900(312) 803-4915
DANVILLE AREA BOARD OF REALTORS®www.dabrealtors.com(217) 443-2170(217) 443-8237
DECATUR ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS® INCwww.decaturrealtors.com(217) 428-4321(217) 428-3533
EGYPTIAN BOARD OF REALTORS® INChttp://egyptianboard.com(618) 364-0046(618) 364-0036
GREATER GATEWAY ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS® INCwww.gatewayrealtors.com(618) 692-8300(618) 692-8307
HEARTLAND REALTOR® ORGANIZATIONwww.HeartlandRO.com(815) 459-0600(815) 459-0621
HOMETOWN ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS®www.nirealtor.com(815) 899-3301(815) 899-3309
ILLINI VALLEY ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS® INCwww.IllinoisValleyHomes.com(815) 224-1868(815) 224-1816
Building IconILLINOIS ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS®www.illinoisrealtor.org(217) 529-2600(217) 529-3904

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