REALTORS® are perseverant community champions. They go above and beyond to care for neighbors and safeguard “home.” The REALTORS® Relief Foundation is a testament to REALTORS® doing just that.

The Foundation was founded by a group of committed REALTORS® who saw the need, and years later, continues to be driven by dedicated REALTORS® who carry forth the mission of the REALTOR® Relief Foundation.


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2022 Board of Directors

Today, RRF Board members oversee the work of the Foundation with a primary focus on grant approval and disbursement. Thank you to the following individuals for your leadership!
Michael Ford (AR) President
Leigh Brown (NC) Vice President
David Charron (MD) Director

Travis Kessler (TX) Director

Nancy Lane (MS) Director

Michael McGrew
Michael McGrew (KS) Director
Shanta Patton (NV) Director
Gary Rogers (MA) Director

2022 Annual Campaign Committee

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Region 1

Kimberly Allard (MA) Region 1 Chair

Region 2

Frank Jacovini (PA) Region 2 Chair

Ilene Horowitz (NJ) Region 2 Second Chair

Region 3

Russ Boyce (MD) Region 3 Chair

Region 4

Brian Copeland (TN) Region 4 Chair

Region 5

Ryan Brashear (GA) Region 5 Chair

Eric Sain (FL) Region 5 Second Chair

Region 6

Pete Kopf (OH) Region 6 Chair

Gary Reggish (MI) Region 6 Second Chair

Region 7

Erik Sjowall (WI) Region 7 Chair

Ed Neaves (IL) Region 7 Second Chair

Region 8

Bart Miller (SD) Region 8 Chair

Patty Zuzek (MN) Region 8 Second Chair

Region 9

Brenda Oliver (MO) Region 9 Chair

Doyle Yates (AR) Region 9 Chair

Region 10

Logan Morris (LA) Region 10 Chair

Ruben Pena (TX) Region 10 Second Chair

Region 11

Richard Southwick (UT) Region 11 Chair

Region 12

Dale Chumbley (WA) Region 12 Chair

Region 13

Ziggy Zicarelli (CA) Region 13 Chair