Where are Global Buyers Searching in the United States?

New data from realtor.com® offers more comprehensive reporting to display true market interest of global buyers searching in the United States. The graphs below show the countries searching U.S. properties, and which U.S. cities were of most interest to them.

The default view in the above graphic shows the Top 10 Markets for International Traffic. This is based on the realtor.com® international demand index, and shows the top U.S. metropolitan areas more likely to be searched by international consumers on realtor.com®. This type of index is often used by marketers to understand which markets offer the most reach. 

Right above the “Top Markets for International Traffic” header, you will see “Top10 Markets" and “Regions Breakdown”. Click “Regions Breakdown” to get a closer look how each region is searching for properties in US markets, and the share of international traffic by region. 

For more details, download the full report below. 

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Data is updated monthly on the second week of each month. 

Download a .pdf of this information. (PDF 1.5 MB)



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