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The Strategic Planning Committee is taking a fresh, new approach to how we are developing our strategic plan. It is specifically designed to encourage dialogue and to open minds about thinking big for our future. We will begin by exploring and discussing different versions of what the future holds for our association and our industry. We believe that learning and engagement are strategic and we need to create the space where they can happen.

We believe this is the best way to determine what the future holds for us, and, more importantly, how we would like to shape the future we think is most likely to occur and the one we'd like to help create for our industry. We will be holding workshops that will be followed by round table discussions where we discuss several different possible examples of the future for our industry. In addition to these workshops, we will have a website where people can comment and share their ideas. If you have ever heard of crowd sourcing, which is a term for gathering ideas and opinions from a wide-variety of sources, we are applying it to our strategic planning.