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Home Ownership Matters

It’s more important than ever to support responsible home ownership.

  • More than they have in the past decade, two-income married couples are fueling today's home buying and selling market, and they are turning to REALTORS® to help them.

  • Five Realtors® who represent the good works of Realtors® everywhere are being recognized as "Realtor® Heroes" at this week's 2012 Realtor® Conference and Expo in Orlando. Read about them and their commitment to helping the individuals, families and communities around them.

  • The downturn in the real estate market caused many to question the value of home ownership.  But REALTORS® didn’t turn their back when others did.

  • Bob helps home owners in distress whether they are facing illness, job loss, foreclosure or in some instances, all of the above.

  • When Ken turned 50 he created a bucket list of projects he wanted to accomplish in his life and one of those was to make a jazz record.

  • Connie was the 2009 President of Rebuilding Together Tampa Bay (RTTB), an organization that repairs homes for those in need.  RTTB typically remodels or rebuilds some 30 homes a year.

  • Wayne Curtis has helped Baltimore city officials perform a public function—the revitalization of the central city.  In fact, he was tapped by Baltimore officials to sell vacant city-owned property, part of a growing realization among pu

  • With expectations that rents will keep on rising, more Americans are being tempted by home ownership, a new survey shows.

  • Nick is a co-founder and Member of the Board of Directors of The G.I.

  • Another sign of economic recovery: The home ownership rate is no longer falling, and some housing analysts expect it to soon start rising.