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The media has questioned whether home ownership is good for America and challenged federal initiatives that favor home ownership—including the mortgage interest deduction. The attacks seek to lay the groundwork for curtailing public policies and to persuade the public that such actions are in their best interest.

Among the articles that launched the recent debate:

06/17/2010 - Rethinking Part of the American Dream, The Wall Street Journal

09/05/2010 - Housing Woes Bring a New Cry: Let the Market Fall, The New York Times

09/11/2010 - The Case Against Home Ownership, Time magazine

NAR recognizes the challenges facing REALTORS® and, in response, launched the Home Ownership Matters campaign. Through advocacy and outreach to lawmakers, consumers, thought leaders, and the media, NAR is working to preserve this important American institution and provide REALTORS® and state and local associations with valuable information and tools to address concerns from clients and the community.

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