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Fannie Mae Condominium Processes

The following resources provide information about requirements for condominium unit mortgages, underwriting condominium projects, condominium occupancy rules, eligibility of loans secured by units in condominiums, and more.

Fannie Mae: Condo, Co-op, and Planned Unit Development Eligibility (Sept. 2013)

Overview and FAQs Regarding Fannie Mae’s Selling Guide Policies for Determining Eligibility of Loans Secured by Units in Condo, Co-Op, and PUD Projects (Feb. 2012; PDF: 68K)

Special Approval Designation for Established Florida Condominium Projects Summary, Resources, and Frequently Asked Questions (Jan. 2010; PDF: 38K)

Selling and Servicing Guides (See Section B4-2.2) (Dec. 2009; PDF: 3.1M)

Project Eligibility Review Service and Changes to Condominium and Cooperative Project Policies (Dec. 2008; PDF: 52K)

Selling Ineligible Condominium, Cooperative and PUD Projects (June, 2007; PDF: 100K)