Voice for Real Estate 57: Elections, Orlando, Board of Directors

Voice for Real Estate 57: Elections, Orlando, Board of Directors

Nov 11, 2016
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President-elect Donald Trump will likely usher in a deregulation effort when he assumes office in January, NAR Chief Lobbyist Jerry Giovaniello says. Expect the new administration and Congress to pull back on banking reform rules and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, among other things. Giovaniello made his remarks in the latest Voice for Real Estate news video. The video also looks at decisions by the NAR Board of Directors at its meeting in early November, which included the approval in concept of a voluntary Commitment to Excellence program that's designed to help elevate the professionalism of the real estate industry. The video also summarizes the action at the 2016 REALTORS® Conference & Expo in Orlando, Fla. 

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  • National Elections
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America has voted—and it will impact real estate.

Eighteen thousand REALTORS® meet in Orlando to improve their businesses.

And the NAR Board of Directors looks to the future.

These stories and more on The Voice for Real Estate.

Hi, I’m Stephen Gasque with the National Association of REALTORS®, reporting this week from NAR’s 2016 Conference & Expo in Orlando, Florida, where more than 18,000 REALTORS® gathered together to learn how to build their business and to network with their colleagues. We’ll have much more on the conference and expo coming up, but first, our top story: the national elections and how they impact real estate and REALTORS®.

The big news for all Americans is the election of Donald Trump as president of the United States. But there were many races—in Congress and at the state and local levels—that will be critical to real estate in the years ahead. Here’s NAR Chief Lobbyist Jerry Giovaniello, who joined me and nationally recognized political analyst Doug Sosnick in a live webcast on the day after the elections, to look at what it all means.


You can watch the recorded version of that webcast on RealtorActionCenter.com.


At the REALTORS® Conference & Expo in Orlando, the focus was on business—your business, and how you can help your clients while helping the communities you work in thrive. There were more than 100 education sessions, including how to better execute your business plans, build customer loyalty, and invest in real estate for your retirement. And the expo was NAR’s most impressive yet, with more than 400 exhibitors that showcased the latest products and services, like drones, high-definition digital signs to make your listings sparkle, and lead management tools.


Each year the conference is capped off with the NAR Board of Directors meeting, where your elected leaders and hundreds of directors from all across the country meet to guide association policy. Their aim: to help you do business under the best conditions possible.

This year the board approved one of its most important programs in years, a voluntary Commitment to Excellence that will create a more professional industry while giving you a way to distinguish yourself before your customers. The program gives you a path to show proficiency in ethics, technology, customer service, and other areas that are key to being a truly professional REALTOR® today.


You can learn all about the decisions the Board made in a special report by REALTOR® Magazine.


And that’s our show for the week of November 14. Thank you for joining us, and if you were at the REALTORS® Conference & Expo, thanks for coming down. You can get more on everything we talked about today at The Voice for Real Estate page at nar.realtor. Thank you for joining us, and we hope to see you next time on The Voice for Real Estate.

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