The Voice for Real Estate 38: Snapchat for Your Client?

The Voice for Real Estate 38: Snapchat for Your Client?

Jan 26, 2016
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Snapchat, Wickr, and other so-called ephemeral messages are new ways to communicate with clients. But are there record-retention rules? Two courts have recently ruled on the question. That's a top story in NAR's news video, The Voice for Real Estate. Other stories: An NAR lab looks at smart home devices, sales surge 15 percent, and a life sentence serves as a grim safety reminder to real estate professionals.

Featured segments:

  • Sales surge
  • NAR tech lab
  • Beverly Carter
  • Ephemeral messages

Get more on all the topics covered in this video:

Voice for Real Estate 38: Transcript

Snapchat for Your Client?

Stephen Gasque Voice Over: 

Home sales regain momentum
NAR’s new technology lab has money-saving ideas you can share with your clients
And a man is put behind bars for life—for taking the life of a real estate agent
These stories and more on The Voice for Real Estate
Hi, I’m Stephen Gasque with the National Association of Realtors
Home sales are back on track after a big drop in November. Closings in December
rose almost 8 percent from the previous month and are also up from the same time
last year. They’re now on a 5.4-million sales pace. NAR Chief Economist Lawrence
Yun has more.
Later this week, NAR will be releasing its pending home sales figures, which tell us
whether closings are likely to go up or down in the months ahead, and we’ll be
looking to see whether the latest sales momentum will continue.
How helpful would it be for you and your clients to know how energy-efficient a
home is or what other environmental factors are present that could affect its value?
That’s information NAR wants to make easy for you to get. A technology lab it
has just created in its Chicago headquarters building is working with
manufacturers to help ensure that sensors and other smart-home devices they
develop provide data in a way that will be useful in real estate. NAR’s Chad Curry
has more.
Using the new technology lab, NAR staff are also examining security and privacy
concerns that are cropping up as smart-home devices proliferate.
Beverly Carter became a household name not just in real estate circles but
throughout the United States last year after she was murdered while doing the job
she loved to do: selling real estate. The Arkansas real estate professional was killed
by Arron Lewis, with assistance from his estranged wife, Crystal Lowery, when their
attempt to kidnap and ransom her return went awry. It was because of this and
other tragic acts of violence against Realtors that NAR President Chris Polychron
made safety his number one focus during his term of office last year.
Last week the jury in a Pulaski County, Arkansas, circuit court closed the last
chapter on Carter’s story, by handing down a life sentence without the possibility of
parole of Carter’s killer. But there remains an imperative in every real estate office
in America to keep safety uppermost in you mind. You can get help doing that by
going to to get resources that can help prevent another tragedy in
our industry.
They’re quickly becoming the next big trend in social media: apps that delete your
instant message after just a few seconds. These so-called ephemeral messaging
programs, like Snapchat and Wickr, are intended to be more like regular
conversations because what you say goes away—just like the words you speak to
someone in a conversation.
Well, two states ruled not long ago that business people who share messages using
these ephemeral messaging systems don’t have to retain these correspondences as
part of their recordkeeping. NAR’s Finley Maxson has more.
The two states join other states that have now ruled on this type of correspondence,
and so far, all the courts say the same thing: these messages do not have to be made
part of your client file.
And that’s our show for the week of January 25. You can get more on everything we
talked about today at The Voice for Real Estate page on Thank you for
joining us, and be sure to join us again as we bring you the latest news on The Voice
for Real Estate.

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