The Voice for Real Estate 36: Presidential Race, G-Fee Win, Taxes

Week of December 21, 2015

Republican and Democratic candidates for president often touch on issues important to real estate while on the campaign trail. NAR follows candidates' proposals carefully, but NAR Deputy Chief Lobbyist Jamie Gregory provides a reminder that proposals must travel a long road through Congress before anything happens. Other stories in The Voice for Real Estate for the week of December 21, 2015: REALTORS® protect Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac guarantee fees from going to non-housing related uses, which would have harmed home buyers; mortgage debt cancellation relief and 15-year depreciation of leasehold improvements are among tax provisions that could get extended as Congress nears a year-end deal.

Featured segments:

  • 2016 presidential race
  • Win on g-fees
  • Progress on tax extensions
  • Sign-law ban
  • Photo copyrights
  • Remodeling insights
  • HOME survey

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