Webinar - Data Syndication Options

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Duration: 1 hour 12 minutes

If your MLS syndicates listing data through ListHub to Zillow's family of websites, that data spigot is being turned off on April 7. Every MLS needs to make its own decision about how to respond. In this webinar, industry attorney and consultant Brian Larson will provide strategic insights on a variety of options for MLSs: Your MLS may decide to sit tight and allow the data to stop flowing from your MLS to Zillow; in that case, you need to ensure that you understand brokers' needs and communicate your strategy to them immediately. Your MLS may decide to enter a short-term or stop-gap agreement with Zillow directly; in that case, you should understand the terms offered in Zillow's short-term agreements. Or your MLS may decide to enter a long-term direct syndication agreement with Zillow; and in that case, you should understand the kinds of terms you can ask for in a syndication agreement. The presentation is for educational purposes to assist MLSs to evaluate their strategic options and make the best choices for them and their members. MLSs may also gain insights that will assist them in other data licensing contexts. This is not intended to be legal advice. Data licensing decisions must be independently made by the individual MLSs.

Presented by Denee Evans, CEO of Council of Multiple Listing Services and Brian Larson, Larson Skinner PLLC, attorney at law.

Play back or download this webinar from WebEx


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