Social Media for REALTORS®

Social Media for REALTORS® Series Tips and Videos

The series is designed specifically REALTORS® who want to take what they’re doing in the offline market and utilize online tools for great marketing exposure. Each booklet contains helpful “Putting Into Practice” tips that turn theory into action, along with easy-to-follow video clips on how to utilize a tip. 

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Social Media for REALTORS® Series Titles

These tools will help real estate professionals take their business to the next level by showing them how to use social media for business success.

Video Tips

101 Do's & Don'ts

Digital Marketing


Your Website

Reference Materials

Throughout the guides we reference social media research studies you can access those studies by clicking here:

Digital House Hunt

Talks through the behaviors buyers have online and how it relates to a REALTORS® use of social media

Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers

Investigates where and how buyers and sellers are finding and selling their properties and how REALTORS® fit into this equation

NAR Member Profile

The Member Profile strives to answer the question: Who are REALTORS®? It looks at a variety of economic and demographic characteristics, and business practices.

REALTOR® Technology Survey

Provides an overview on REALTORS®' technology usage and needs specifically: social networking, lead generation, and more.


For a full list of the NAR Research Reports and data available click here.