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Smart Growth: A Toolkit for REALTORS®

To address every aspect of smart growth, REALTORS® need a host of flexible solutions. That’s where Smart Growth: A Toolkit for REALTORS® can help.

Chapter 1, REALTORS® and Smart Growth, provides an overview of the issue and its importance to REALTORS® (PDF: 210KB).

Chapter 2, Smart Growth in Principle, explains the origins and principles of smart growth and discusses current trends (PDF: 891KB).

Chapter 3, Topics in Smart Growth, is an in-depth review of topics covered (PDF: 748KB).

Chapter 4, Smart Growth in Practice, covers including planning, regulation, and policies (PDF: 2MB).

Chapter 5, REALTOR® Involvement in Smart Growth, addresses how REALTORS® can get more involved in smart growth and provides resources and case studies (PDF: 744KB).

Chapter 6, Sample Legislation, provides leads to model legislation (PDF: 331KB).

Download the entire Smart Growth Toolkit (PDF: 4MB).

For more information on the Smart Growth Toolkit or to request a hard copy, please contact:

Hugh Morris
National Association of REALTORS®
Community Outreach Representative
Phone: 202/383-1278
Fax: 202/383-7580
E-mail: hmorrisa@realtors.org

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