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Smart Growth Resources
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Green building is the practice of using environmentally sound building techniques that conserve resources and provide for healthier living.
REALTORS® Taking the Lead on Green Building

REBAC Magazine: Is Green Turning into Gold? (PDF: 577KB)

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Governments at all levels partner to plan, establish, fund, and maintain efficient intermodal transportation systems. These include roads, bridges, tunnels, mass transit, and rail systems.
NAR Transportation Toolkit

Land Value Impacts of Rail Transit Services

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Community design — the size, design and position of buildings, arrangement of streets, walkways, and parking, and placement of parks and other open spaces — creates the character we experience in a place.
Creating Great Neighborhoods: Density in Your Community (PDF: 3.67MB)

Zoning Reform Has Begun: Form-Based Codes

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The redevelopment of existing urban, suburban, and rural properties served by infrastructure — including brownfield sites that are or may be contaminated — stimulates growth and improves a community's economic viability.
Beyond the Fence, A Guide to Military Base Closure

A Guide to Tax Increment Financing

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Communities manage land through comprehensive planning, zoning ordinances, subdivision regulations, and growth management policies. NAR supports land use regulations that strike a fair and reasonable balance between private property rights and community interests.
NAR Land Use Initiative (NAR members only)

NAR Land Use Initiative Memo Database (NAR members only)

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To adequately support community infrastructure needs resulting from growth, governments adopt various approaches to pay for the development, expansion, and maintenance of roads, transit, schools, water, sewers, and other public facilities.
Building for Tomorrow: Innovative Infrastructure Solutions

Transfer Tax and Impact Fees in the NAR State Issues Tracker

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Growth management plans must provide for the development of affordable housing to meet housing demand. Market-driven approaches can foster a wide-range of urban, suburban and rural housing choices at all price levels to suit a diverse population.
NAR Housing Opportunity

NAR's Power Tools on the Housing Market Blog

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There is a new focus on designing schools that are energy-efficient and cost-effective, have state-of-the-art technology, provide more natural light and better indoor air quality, and are better places in which students can learn and educators can teach.
Public Schools — A Toolkit for REALTORS®

New Schools for Older Neighborhoods

School of the Future Design Competition

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