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Smart Growth: Building Better Communities

Smart Growth Grants

Round 10 Applications Due October 2, 2009
To increase the effectiveness of state and local REALTOR® association efforts in creating livable communities, NAR’s Smart Growth Action Grant program is available to support your efforts to implement programs and activities that position REALTORS® as leaders in improving their communities by advancing smart growth.

The rational for REALTOR® involvement in local land use issues is compelling: the healthier the community, the more attractive it will be to homebuyers. However, land use issues often require long-term efforts on the behalf of advocates. NAR’s Smart Growth Action Grants are intended to help your association and members become and sustain an active role in bringing smart growth development principles to your community.

Education and coalition building are hallmarks of successful smart growth efforts. The grants can be used to further activities to develop a community vision through a community planning workshop or joining a coalition that is working toward a similar community vision. Additionally, starting in 2009, grant funds may be used to support green building activities, such as working with state or local officials to develop green building/energy efficiency policies for your community.

The Review Panel looks for:

  • Activities that are part of the association’s strategic approach to smart growth.
  • Funding support by the association applying for the grant.
  • Applications demonstrating cooperation with other organizations.

The Application requires:
  • A clear statement of purpose.
  • A summary of expected outcomes.
  • An itemized budget.

The Grant Program requires that:
  • The funds be used within one year of the award or returned to NAR.
  • You complete an evaluation form after your activity is complete. Unless this evaluation form is returned your association will not be eligible to receive another grant.

The Grant Program allows that:
  • If your association has previously been awarded a grant you may apply again to support a new activity.
  • Re funding requests related to schools: the grant should be used to address public policies that affect the school relative to the community such as location and transportation issues.
  • Re funding requests related green building and energy efficiency: the grant should be used to advance public policies that support creation of green residential and commercial buildings.
  • Proposals for Smart Growth Action Grants that address housing issues must do so from the point of view of land use issues (zoning codes, inclusionary zoning, community planning, development issues, etc.) and cannot be used to fund efforts such as housing programs or housing construction.

Grants Cannot Fund:
  • NAR sponsored courses.
  • Habitat for Humanity houses.
  • Activities that will have occurred prior to the date listed in Question 1 of the application.
  • Re funding requests related to economic development: though economic development and smart growth are related topics, these grants cannot be used to fund conventional economic development activities; there must be a smart growth focus. Please contact Hugh Morris (see below) for clarifications.
  • Funds cannot be used to purchase capital items (tools, park benches, etc).
  • The funds cannot be used as donations to other organizations unless there is significant REALTOR® activity associated with the collaborative effort.

NAR is considering applications twice in 2009. The deadline for first round applications is April 3. Second round applications are due to NAR by October 2. The maximum amount available to any one association is $5,000 in any given grant cycle. The amount awarded may not be the full amount requested.

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Send your completed application or questions to (email preferred):
Hugh Morris
National Association of REALTORS®
500 New Jersey Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 20001
Phone: 202/383-1278
Fax: 202/383-7580
E-mail: hmorris@realtors.org


Smart Growth Application

Evaluation Form

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Case Study #2: Aurora Tri-County Association of REALTORS®, IL


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