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Charrettes for Sustainable Communities

Achieving true citizen participation in community planning is always a challenge. Public hearings often are dominated by citizens who are opposed to a proposal. NIMBYs often have legitimate concerns, but the existing formats for citizen input often encourage only negative reactions rather than constructive suggestions on how a community should grow.

To address the need for a better participation process, communities and developers are turning to the charrette, a multi-day intensive planning workshop that includes all stakeholders in a community and results in a plan that can be implemented and built. This PowerPoint presentation, which includes slides and a script, describes charrettes and explains how they can be used to improve the planning process in your community.

The presentation was produced for the National Association of REALTORS® by the National Charrette Institute. It can be used for self-instruction, or as a presentation to a REALTOR® association or community group.

Download the presentation:
(Please note: These are large files, and they will take a few minutes to download).

Presentation with script (PPT: 6.3MB)

Presentation slides only (PDF: 2.93MB)

Presentation slides with notes (PDF: 5.03MB)

If you have additional questions about the Charrettes program, please contact:

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Manager, Smart Growth Programs
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